Favorite Things about Crochet

I have several favorite things about crochet so I will only name a few.
  1. When I travel, it is easy to carry along because it can be small, compact and easy to pack.
  2. There are many styles, techniques and always something that will keep me interested.
  3. I have a great appreciation for the flexibility that comes along with crochet. If something is not aligning up right, I can usually ease it in to place.
  4. Crochet makes great gifts. I have given away many of my projects to people all around the world.
  5. Many projects are quick and easy and can be completed in a few hours time.
What are your favorites about crochet?


  1. teresa,

    though i am taking my baby steps in crochet, i would say crocheting kepps me immensely stress free and happy that i m able to do things like slippers,beanie hat etc for my loved ones... all this is not possible without your videos,written instructions and tips...

    thank you..


  2. I'm BRAND NEW to this Teresa but very interested in learning. I will be using your youtube instrucionals and starting off slow while on this relaxing Christmas break.

    God bless.

  3. My number one favorite thing is that there is only one tool. I also quilt and it annoys me so that I have to lug out all my equipment to work on my projects. Crochet is easily kept within one little bag for my current project.

  4. A few of my favorite things about Crochet:

    - It's very portable! :)
    _ It's so easy to pick up where you left off, even if it's been a while. :)
    - You can have several projects going at once so you never get board with what you are creating! :)
    - STASH!! LOL

  5. LisaShaw,
    Enjoy your Christmas break. Comment or send e-mail if you have questions if you should need help.

  6. Teresa,
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays. The things I love about crochet:
    -Watching a ball of yarn become something
    -The variety of yarns..so many colors, textures..
    -The quiet peace it gives me when I crochet
    -Challenging myself by learning a new stitch or pattern
    -The look of joy when someone receives a project I've done for them

  7. Thank you so much for the clear explanation of the stitches and the tutorals on You Tube!
    Thanks to you I enjoy crocheting, the way I never thought possible!
    If you ant to see some of my projects: http://www.versatile006.nl (text is in Dutch ;-) )
    Again: thank you and please keep doing this!
    The fun for me is to do this and be al little less stressfull...

  8. Oops, my url is wrong! Should be: http://www.versatile006.blogspot.com

  9. I also knit, but I like crocheting better. The reason why is crocheting is more forgiving than knitting. it is easier to go back and fix your mistakes. If you make a mistake in knitting you might as well forget about it.

  10. well i have 2 small kiddos so i like crochet because if they get a hold of it, i can usually fix it without too much trouble. and i can put it down at any point and then pick it up later even if i'm in the middle of a row. it's also so fun to go into a store and see a scarf or hat and say "i could totally make that!" and then actually do it!
    hope you have a great new year teresa!

  11. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and celebrating safely. I appreciate your input through reading, comments and feedback so thank you for your participation.

  12. A fellow crocheterApril 12, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    Thank you Teresa For sharing your comments on crochet.

    I love the versatility of crochet and how you can make many things(not just hats and scarfs). Small and long term projects, what ever you like.

    I find crochet a very relaxing activity to do.

    I like that you can pack your crochet in your purse and tote it around anywhere you go, just to do something if you start getting bored.

    I like the finished object, gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment.

    People are very happy when you make them a crocheted gift.

    I like that I don't seem to get bored(and I hope this never changes), with the projects and things I am doing.

    I've also noticed since I crochet, I pay much more attention to designs and graphical details around me.

    I get really excited about thinking of a new project, inspirational ideas.

    I like it also that if I make a mistake it's easily fixed, most of the time. I probably could go on and on.

    But those are just a few.


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