How to Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens - 2-Ply Yarn

Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens - 2-Ply Yarn

Video Tutorial:
Crochet Baby Thumbless Mittens

Written by Teresa Richardson

Crochet Abbreviations
FPSC = Front Post Single Crochet
BPSC = Back Post Single Crochet
SC = Single Crochet

Size G Crochet Hook
2-ply yarn
The are approximately 2" across and 2-3/4" long.

These mittens are done with 2-ply yarn. I do have a variation done with 4-ply yarn.
Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens - 4-Ply Yarn

You can make them larger with a larger hook and by adding more stitches at the beginning and adding more increase stitches on round 2.

This is two ways to start the pattern.
Start 1: Magic Circle
Start 2: CH 3, join

Round 1: CH 1, 10 SC in loop, do not join. The rest will be worked in a continual round. Attach a scrap piece of yarn for a yarn marker. This is to keep count for the remaining rounds.

Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around. (20 Single Crochet total)

Round 3-8: 1 SC in each stitch around (20Single Crochet total)

This next round is a ribbing variation to gather the mitten opening.
Round 9-10: *2 FPSC in next ST, 2 BPSC in next ST, complete 10 times total from *. There will be a total of 20 front post, back post single crochet

Once the rows are complete skip in stitch and slip stitch in the next stitch. This will even out the ridge left by the continual round.


  1. hey! i just made these! they are awesome. i've been making the hdc baby beanies too so that i can donate them to my local maternity ward. thanks for the help!

  2. hi
    I have just made these from the you tube tutorial and they are so sweet thank you very much for all your hard work I have learnt a lot of excellent techniques from your site/tutorials!

  3. These are so great! How do I make the mittens larger, like for me 8 month old?

  4. K.L,
    When you get round 3 you can add another increase round. Every other stitch add an increase stitch. You will end round 3 with 30 single crochet. Then continue to crochet the mitten.

  5. These are great although I had to alter them to be bigger because they wouldn't fit my 2 1/2 month old properly. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I love them.

  6. Pricey,
    You are welcome. Thank you for mentioning that they can easily be altered. How wide did you make your baby's mittens? I don't have any little baby hands around to measure.

  7. I made them longer and only a little bit wider. They are 3 1/2 inches long. At their widest they are 2 1/4. I am sure you can make them 3 inches but I wanted to make sure my son could stretch out his fingers. I had made them to your instructions and went to try them on my son only to find out they were a bit too small for his hands, but by then I had already tightened the top and threaded it through the top 5 rounds. So I could only do another increase on round 6 to save the mitten I had started. I repeated with the second mitten and there is a slight difference with the two.

  8. Hi! These mittens are great! I'd like to make with 4 ply yarn. What is your recommendation on what hook to use for 4 ply? Any variations to the pattern? Thanks so much!!!!

  9. Stacy,
    You can use a G, H or I crochet hook with 4-ply yarn.

  10. Thanks a million sharing this pattern, it looks uber cute... Here's the picture Picture

  11. I was also looking for a variation with 4-ply yarn. Can u post the written instructions, please.

  12. I would like to make a bigger baby mittens. How can i make it bigger?

  13. Hi~ i would like to make a bigger baby mittens.
    How can i make a bigger baby mittens? can you give the instruction on this?


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