Crochet Tension - Crochet Tip 36

The video tutorial shows how I hold my thread/yarn in my hand. You don't have to hold it exactly like me or like a book says, to accomplish different tensions. You should hold the yarn/thread any way that is most comfortable for you. There are two ways to adjust tension.
  1. Let the thread pass through your hand looser or tighter.
  2. Use a larger or smaller crochet hook. This will adjust the outcome of your stitch size.
A good way to learn tension techniques is to practice, focusing on the hand you hold your thread. Let the thread pass looser through your hand making a few stitches. Then hold the thread tighter making a few stitches. You will see a big difference. Practice doing this a few times to get the feel for tension. Your tension never has to be the same and you can change it at any time.


  1. i don't have a you-tube account, so i couldn't comment there, but i wanted to thank you so much for the adjustable magic ring tutorial that you posted...i am a new crocheter and am trying my hand at amigurumi...i saw a couple of picture tutorials for the magic ring, but they were frustrating to me...your video made everything so clear! thank you so much! and what's up with the rude comments on you-tube? like "your video didn't teach me anything?" is that normal? i think it's just terrible...but your responses were always so kind...anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you for the tutorial! i can do the magic ring without crying now! ☺

  2. Purple and Paisley,
    You are welcome. When people are writing comments like that, they are most likely a beginner and frustrated. I can feel their frustration because I was in their shoes at one time being a beginner. A lot can be learned from comments, so I leave them up as long as they don't include cursing.

  3. it is frustrating being a beginner! i have thrown my share of temper tantrums! your video was truly helpful and i am enjoying looking through your blog...☺

  4. Hey, I've never crocheted anything before, but my aunt gave me a book full of crochet patterns for christmas, anyway long tory short I googled HELP WITH CROCHET!! and found your blog. Could you tell me which projects would be good for a beginner?

  5. Kate,
    Thank you for writing. I am including the playlist for basic stitches and a stripe beanie cap video tutorial, made with single crochet. I have many more projects that I will suggest if you want to do something else. A lot of my instructions include a video tutorial. You will be able to find the video in the crochet instructions. On my youtube channel, you can find a link to the written instructions to the right of the video. Write any time you have questions or comments.
    Stripe Crochet Beanie Cap

    Basic Crochet Stitch Playlist

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  7. teresa...I love your videos. I just moved to Atlanta and all my crafty stuff is still in boxes. I just made my very first hat thanks to you and even felt brave enough to improvise and make some arm warmers. Thanks to your generosity I could be crafty this holiday with only some yarn and a crochet hook. I posted my success on my blog along with a couple links to you.

    thanks again.

  8. Teresa,
    I don't have a YouTube account, but I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your tutorials! I decided to make scarves for everyone on my gift list for Christmas 2009 (and I'll include a hand written letter telling each person how much they mean to me, what I thought of them as I made the scarf, etc), and your tutorials have given me so many options for stitches I've never done before. I have crocheted since I was 10 (I'm 44 now), but I only knew very basic stitches. I was always envious of people who could do such pretty work...and now I am happy to be creating pretty things too! Thank you so much. It is so kind of you to make these tutorials and to be so helpful. You have made me very happy.

  9. Kate,
    This is a good pattern for a beginner. It is a stripe beanie cap made with one stitch.
    Stripe Beanie Cap

    Granny squares are another good project for beginners.
    Granny Squares

  10. bananafish,
    Thank you. You have done a very nice job with your hat and arm warmers. Have you been to the aquarium yet? I hear it is really nice and would like to get my husband to take me up there for a visit. Maybe one day. Happy New Year! :)

  11. Rita,
    You are welcome. Have a happy new year.

  12. Thanks a lot, I actually made some squares! Lol :) now I'm gonna try the beanie, thanks!

  13. Hi Teresa, First of all thanks n God bless for all ur lovely n informative clips, i hv learned a lot frm them. 2ndly,I hv a question, do u think u can show us the crochet version of "Baby Surprise Jacket " i found its written instructions at but to me its "French" as i cant understand it so well, can U pls help?

  14. Hello Teresa :)
    I just wanted to say that i have been following your utube video's and searched you on facebook so i could subscribe for the past couple weeks.
    For those that do have bad manners, you are far too kind. Yes it was painful hours replaying your granny square clip before i learnt. How ever your instructions are simple and easy to follow and you couldn't possible go any slower other wise you would be there all I paused the clip a lot until i caught up so i didn't get flustered or lost. I am proud to say my first crochet is of an amazing granny square that is now 18" ...hehehehe My 8 year old told me to keep going as she wants it as her blanky. Thank you so much! I hope you are always appreciated!! :)

  15. Hi Teresa:
    When I was first learning to crochet, I started to make panels of double crochet (they ended up being 105 rows long - 7 panels in total)I found that this was a great way to not only start a basic blanket but a great way to practice my tension. I found this was also great practice once I started the solid granny squares - they're all so uniform in size. Thanks for your video help!


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