Crochet Shell Cross

Crochet Shell Cross

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet Shell Cross

Size 10 Steel Crochet Hook
Size 10 Crochet Cotton

CH 4, Join.

Center: CH 3, 2 DC through the CH loop. *CH 3, 3 DC, 3 time total from *, CH 1, SC in the beginning CH 3 to join.

The cross will be worked in 4 individual segments for the remaining part of the main cross.

Long Segment: *Turn, SL ST over 2 DC to the CH 3, CH 3, 2 DC, CH 3, 3 DC in the CH 3 space. Complete 6 times from *. There will be 6 shells on top of each other.

Short Segment: Attach thread in next CH 3 space. *SL ST over 2 DC to the CH 3, CH 3, 2 DC, CH 3, 3 DC in the CH 3 space. Complete 2 times from *. There will be 2 shells on top of each other. This segment will be done 3 times for each short segment.

Edging: Attach thread to the ending shell point of any shell. * CH 6, SC in the next shell edge point continue from * for each segment until you get to the center. You will do a CH 2, then a Popcorn Stitch in the center DC, CH 2, SC in next point. See Diagram for additional details.


  1. Teresa,

    I think you have a chart with the size for the beanie hat, like how big of a circumference a 18 month child should be in your blog.. I can't find that chart or link. WOuld you please provide me the link?


  2. Liz,
    This is the link for the head sizes.

    Head Sizes

  3. Liz,
    I have posted it on the right side navigation so it will be easier to find.

  4. Bonjour,
    Même avec les explications en Français je ne comprends pas , les mots ne correspondent pas à notre Français , ne pourriez vous pas être plus clair dans celles ci ? Il faut dire que je débute
    Merci de me répondre .
    Bonne journée .


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