Crochet Question & Answer Session - December 2008

We had a great response to the Q&A for November. There is a lot of great information that others will be able to refer to when searching for an answer. Thank you to everyone through answering and by reading.

You can still post questions on any other blog post that you would like to. I will do my best to answer. Anyone else that has an answer is more than welcome to reply to a comment. Comments are open to everyone. You do not need to have a blogger account and you can post anonymously.


  1. Hi Teresa and fellow crocheters! I always have questions..This one is regarding the beginning rounds for a hat. Is there any rhyme or reason to the number of stitches in that first round? I have a pattern for a hat done in double crochet. I'd like to do the hat in half doubles. Should I change the number of stitches in that first round? thanks

  2. Valencia,
    There is a little rhyme and reason. I am doing a hat soon where I put as many stitches and increases as I could in the first few rounds so I could do a specific pattern stitch. This particular stitch did not look well with increases. The top of the hat may have a little more fullness.

    The stripe beanie cap was done with a gradual increase. I did a few stitches in the first round, then a regular round with no increases. I did that every other round. This made a flatter top to the hat.

    The more stitches you do at the beginning, the more likely the cap is to be full. The less stitches you increase on the beginning rounds, your cap will be flatter on the top.

    If I were doing your cap and wanted to do it in half double crochet. I would go ahead and do the half double crochet and not alter the pattern. You will just be adding more rounds to the cap since the half double crochet is a little bit shorter. In the end, it will probably be close to the double crochet size anyway.

    There are my thoughts.

  3. Teresa ...hi ....i love your h your video .I had learned t o much with your viseos , Thank You so much.My question is ..I f I have a pattern for you...something I can't crochet ....Would you get it and make the tutorial video for you , so i can meke it myself ?That would be a good idea ....a space for us to sent you patterns that we can't figure it out for you to do the demostration....What you think ?

  4. Luna,
    I have many patterns that I would love to do but it would fall under a copyright infringement if I were to make a tutorial from someone else's without their permission. If it is person that is willing to grant permission, and it is an original pattern that they created, then it would be something that I would consider.

  5. hi teresa,
    i am terrible at joining rows! i always seem to add stitches somewhere, so my question is if a pattern calls for joining rows can you just work it in a round as long as you keep track of your stitches and mark the beginning?

  6. Hi Teresa,

    I have a question about "dec1sc" do I do this? Is it the same as sc2tog?


  7. kristina,
    Yes, that is called working in a continual round or spiral round. I have a couple beanie crochet patterns worked like that. I just use a scrap piece of yarn to mark the beginning stitch. Keep in mind that when you are increasing, there will be a shift to the right for your beginning stitch and a shift to the left with your marker if you don't move your marker. That is the normal process of the spiral round.

    Crochet Beanie

  8. Rochelle Angel,
    When you are decreasing 2 single crochet you are working over 2 crochet stitches. You put insert your hook through the first stitch, pull the yarn through. Leave the 2 loops on your hook. Insert your hook in the second stitch, wrap the yarn over your hook, pull the yarn through. You have 3 loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over your hook and pull through all 3 loops. You have completed your single crochet decrease, reducing 2 stitches in to 1 stitch.

    I would need to read how the instructions are written to know what sc2tog means. I have seen some people write that way as an increase. Is your pattern getting larger or smaller at the round that this is taking place?

  9. thanks teresa! time to try that legwarmer pattern again!!! happy december to you!

  10. Hi Teresa, its me again with yet another question ! I was following your video on the Loopy Granny Square and thought to ask you a general question and not based on that video alone. In that video, while you were doing the QC, you take the needle around the stitch and not through. (I hope I made sense by writing that way. )....and I notice that most of your videos, you go around the stitch and not through.....Only after I saw your video on front loops and back loops I really understood what that meant because in other sites all I could see were illustrations and could not really make out the difference....

    So, what I wanted to ask is, unless otherwise mentioned, do you have to always go around the stitches..and by going through the stitches...i mean by inserting the needle inbetween the stitch, does it mean its crocheting over the front loop ? I think I remember reading somewhere in your blog that the pattern will be more secure by going around the stitches rather than through...I guess in the case of hats....Also I read somewhere that either going through the stitch or around the stitch each have their own significance and depends on the pattern we want to create...

    Earlier I used to insert the needle through the stitches without understanding the real difference of going around the stitch....If you could show a small video of what kind of effect each of going around or going through would create, it would great....even I am trying to do that on my own, but I am really not able to follow what I myself am doing !!! (am such a dumbhead ! ).......maybe seeing your explanation could make it a little more clear ??

  11. Thank you Teresa, now I can finish my pattern! Lol. I talked to the person who wrote the pattern and they write "sc2tog" for decreasing. There are so many ways of writing a gets so confusing, especially when you're new to this.

  12. Vidya,
    I am going through the stitch, at the top of each of the previous stitches with the half double crochet and the Quadruple Crochet. There is a sort of optical illusion with the Half Double Crochet where it looks like the stitches are being done beside, but it is through the top of the stitch with the loopy granny pattern. When I say top, that is below the two loops at the top of the stitch.

    I do have a hat patten where I go between the stitches with the half double crochet. I will say in the video tutorial and written instructions, where exactly I am putting the hook. "In the Stitch" means in the top of the stitch. "Between" or "Inbetween" means to the left of the stitch between the posts.

    Stitches through the top of the stitch will leave a slight ridge line texture. Stitches between the stitches will leave a smoother texture.

  13. Hi...having trouble crocheting is the website i got it from...

    I want to make the one with the slit on it. If you can kindly demonstrate how to do this that'll be awesome. I find that when I watch you do it, I get it. Reading it just confuses me.

    Thank you. Makai

  14. Hi Teresa!

    I have a problem...I am currently trying to crochet this beautiful afghan but the instructions call for a Fpsc (front post single crochet). How do I do this?! It says to "insert hook from front to back to front around stitch specified and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook". But where do I do this and how do you get a hook from front to back to front?!
    The pattern requires Bpsc as well.

  15. Rochelle Angel,
    I am including a link to the baby thumbless mittens. You can fast forward up to timecode 6:14 and that is where I do two round of front post and back post single crochet.

    Crochet Baby Mittens

  16. Makai,
    I would love to crochet patterns that have already been created. Due to copyright infringement laws, I am prevented from doing a tutorial. If a author copyright owner grants permission, then I would be able to crochet the pattern as a demonstration.

  17. Terresa, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You're the best!

  18. Hi Teresa, got time to msg u after a very long time ! Thanks for clearly citing out the making a set of crocheted baby items for one of my friends who is expecting in March....thanks to ur tutorials its so easy to make them...! will send u wat all i have made soon...:-)

  19. Teresa, I was wondering if I could suggest the following...Your Q&A session is like a treasure box of answers! In case I dont find answers to something on ur articles, I find them here...This is the 2nd month of Q&A session, but I thought if you could create a separate link as you have done for Crochet Tips or Video links for this one as well, it would be easier to hunt for answers !!! I'm not sure what effort it takes to separate these pages into another link, but if its not very difficult, can you do it? Just an opinion.....

  20. Hi Teresa,
    I did not know where else to post this question, but thought Q&A session would be the best section to post this one.

    I wonder if you have done cross-stitch on a single crocheted piece.if so, do you have a simple way to go about it ? I tried googling but all explanations were too lengthy and as I kept reading I lost track of it...if you have time, and if you do that, can you tell how to do one ? Thanks.

  21. Vidya,
    My recent tapestry piece has some cross stitch on it. I just follow the holes at the top and bottom of the single crochet stitches and follow the cross stitch basics.

  22. Thanks a ton Teresa !!! Did you mean the Blue Star Service Flag Tapestry piece ? If thats the one, will take a proper look at that one again. I still have so many doubts on that, but if you have any plans to put up something on cross-stitch on crochet, will wait for that, because I find it easier to follow your blog than anybody else for a strong foundation ! :-) I am making some plain squares and just thought to try cross-stitch on them for a different look. But really thank you so much for telling me how you go about it.

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