Crochet Improvising and Imperfection

This is a past project of mine that I view as flawed. It was made with the intentions of being submitted to the Iowa State fair about 4 years ago. Well, that did not happen. I started out following written instructions that I had purchased, but in the end, it is probably half from the instructions and half from improvising. It just did not seem to be working out right. So instead of scrapping it all together, I started to improvise. I did not like how the bust turned out with the shaping of the increases and decreases. Other than that, every thing else turned out ok. There are about 12 tiny pearl beads that I used for buttons down the back. I did chain loops for each of the buttons. The collar, sleeves, hat and leaves are accented with the same tiny pearl beads. I found it easier to add the edging beads on later with a needle and thread. I know that Barbie has changed in size, so I imagine that a lot of my purchased dress patterns will not work any longer and maybe that is why this pattern did not work. In the end, maybe I am to hard on myself.


  1. I think the dress looks beautiful! What detail! I must are being too hard on yourself.

  2. Beautiful work Teresa...and what a valuable learning experience.

  3. Teresa,

    I'm new to your blog and the crochet world but am eager to learn. Don't know where to begin or anything about it. Any tips on how to get started? I can not find a class in my area. They stopped offering it at Michaels. Thanks.

  4. LisaShaw,
    I am including a link below to the basic crochet stitch video's that I have posted on youtube. When you become familiar with the basic stitches, you can move on to one of the basic circle or square crochet patterns. Let me know if you need help finding them.

    Basic Crochet Stitches

  5. Thanks Teresa!

    I will get to this immediately after Christmas.

  6. Teresa,
    A beautiful Barbie dress! You did a wonderful job on it.

    Some of my favorite gifts were homemade Barbie clothes from my aunt when I was young. I still have them.

    If you have links or instructions to Barbie/Brats/etc. clothes I would certainly be interested for my nieces. That would be a good post. Another good post would be on improvision. I've found I have to do that occasionally too.

    And your instructions on the afghan stitch made it possible for me to do two personalized throw pillow covers for gifts this year. THANK YOU! You're absolutely awesome in your sharing with the world your knowledge. I'm so very grateful and admire you greatly for it.

    Did you make Christmas gifts this year? Would love to see photos of them (after Christmas, of course, so as not to ruin the surprise.)

    Teresa in KY

  7. Teresa in KY,
    Thank you. I have not come across much for barbie cloths. If I do I will share the links.

    I did not crochet Christmas gifts for anyone this year. Maybe another year.

  8. Lovely little dress. I made ball dresses for my daughters Barbie and that is all her little friends wanted to play with. I couldn't afford store bought but turns out the crocheted ones were the best of all.

    She, my daughter, is now going to be 29 at the end of the year and she still has the ball dresses and her Barbies. She says they are too special to get rid of.

    Even with mistakes it is not a loss. If the child loves what you did what could be better then that.


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