Crochet Cross 1

Crochet Cross 1

Written by Teresa Richardson

Skill Level: Beginner, Easy

Size 10 Steel Crochet hook
Size 10 Crochet Cotton

Size: 8 inches long, 4 inches wide

Note: You will be able to adapt this pattern to yarn and aluminum hooks.

See START on image for this section of the cross.
Chain 12, turn
Row 1: DC in the 3rd chain from the hook, 1 DC in ea of the next 2 chains, CH 2, Skip 2 chains, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 chains.

Row 2 - 30: CH 3, turn, 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, CH 2, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 DC.

See ATTACH on image for this section of the cross. You will attach the arm segments opposite each other. You will be working in the sides of the chains and double crochet on the long segment of the cross.
Attach Yarn, Chain 3
Row 1: Do 3 DC evenly across the side of the previously worked double crochet, CH 2, skip 1 double crochet. Work 4 Double crochet evenly across the side of the next DC.

Row 2 - 5: CH 3, turn, 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, CH 2, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 DC.

Edging: See EDGING on image for this section of the cross.
You can attach the thread anywhere. CH 1, SC in the side and top of the previous sideways stitch. CH 6, SC in the top of the next previous stitch. Refer to diagram for clarification.

The inside corners of the cross, where the segments meet, will have 3 SC. There is not enough room to do a chain 6.

The outside corners of the cross will have a SC, CH 6, SC in the same corner space, for an increase.

Ribbon: I have added some ribbon to the cross on the right by weaving it through the open spaces at the center of the cross. The ribbon loops are made with a knot close to the edge of the cross.


  1. This is an awesome learning blog.

  2. I am so thrilled to have found your blog and your videos are so good! I just started crocheting a few weeks ago. I love it! And being a very visual learner, your videos are exactly what I need. It is like a foreign language until I can see it. I have made 2 hats,a head band with a flower for my 11 month old, 4 dish cloths, and a scarf! I'm hooked;)
    Thank you,
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Monica,
    You are welcome. Happy holidays.

  4. Hi!
    I just 'found' your site and love your videos! My mom will enjoy them, too!
    I am wondering if you have a tutorial or video to make thread baby booties? I want to learn to make them for keepsakes for new babies.
    Thanks for sharing all of your great work!
    SherryB in AZ

  5. SherryBee,
    Thank you. I'm sorry I do right now but that is something that I will add to my project list to work on.


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