Congratulations to Kara - Winner of Giveaway #3

Congratulations to Kara. Her name was drawn as winner of giveaway #3. Thank you everyone for participating. I really enjoyed reading all the holiday memories. Here is the link to the Holiday Memory giveaway blog if you would like to read the comments.

Thank you to everyone for reading my crochet blog and watching the videos. Have a happy holiday season.


  1. I missed this contest teresa...congrats Kara!!!!

  2. Seema,
    I plan on having more giveaways. I sent an e-mail to the winner but she has not contacted me back. If I don't hear from her I will draw again.

  3. Thank you so much Teresa! I e-mailed you my information. Sorry I was late getting in touch with you. I have nursing school finals this week. Thank you again!


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