Colorful Crochet for Baby

Here are some beautiful baby items that Dana has made from a few of the patterns and video's I have produced. I wanted to share her work as idea's for different way to combine colors. I will add that "crochet for baby" is a great way to use up leftover scraps of yarn from other projects that you have completed. Dana has said that she is donating everything to her local NICU in her hometown. Great job Dana!! There will be some warm little babies this winter thanks to your donation. If you would like to visit Dana's blog, you can find her at


  1. Beautiful colors! Also, Teresa, you have taught me so much! I really am forever in debt to ya! Please pop over to my main blog (MannieMandible)... there is an award waiting for you (:

  2. Hi Teresa, why baby hat pattern is that?

  3. Mannie Vincent,
    Thank you. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

  4. yolanda,
    It looks like the half double crochet baby beanie. I am including a link to the single crochet baby beanie too.
    Half Double Crochet Baby Beanie

    Here is a single crochet baby cap.
    Single Crochet Baby Cap


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