Veteran's Day - Thank You to Our American Troops

November 3, 2008 - My son returning from Iraq

I am compelled to write a heartfelt thank you to our American service men and women and to those that have given their lives to serve and protect our country. I deeply appreciate your hard work and sacrifices. It hits close to home for me in many ways, several times a year. My own son returned home from a second tour in Iraq on November 3, 2008. I am proud of you son and very thankful you came home safe.

My kids grew up as military brats. Almost 18 years ago their dad served in Operation Desert Storm. We were stationed in Germany at the time and I was expecting my youngest son. The 3/2 ACR deployed to Saudi Arabia shortly after Thanksgiving. The air war lasted several weeks but the ground war was just a few days. They had just called the cease fire so I thought everything was fine and they would all be home soon. Shortly after the cease fire, I received a phone call from the casualty officer in Grafenwoehr. He informed me that my husband has been wounded in action. Of course, it is human instinct to think the worst. Since they were calling on the phone, I figured that he was going to be alright. The casualty officers were going to visit me the next day with more details. We were on a small Army installation called Ponds Barracks in the middle of Bavaria, West Germany. News traveled fast, so it was not long before we were hearing that someone had been killed in action. There were two other men in the personnel carrier with my husband. Sergeant First Class Terry Creighton and Corporal James McCoy. SFC Creighton and my husband survived the war in the desert. Corporal McCoy gave the ultimate sacrifice and with that I pay my respects to his memory on this Veterans Day.

Since then my husband and I have gone on with separate lives.


  1. Thanks to all men and women who serve and my prayers are with them.


  2. your husband is survived.why did u separate ???



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