V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

V-Stitch Scarf

Skill Level: Beginner, Easy

Video Tutorial: V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

SK - Skip
CH - Chain
DC - Double Crochet

V-Stitch - Double Crochet, Chain 1, Double Crochet

Written by Teresa Richardson

Chain 17

Row 1: DC in the 4th CH from the hook, CH 1, DC in the same CH, SK a CH. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, DC, in the next CH. Complete 5 times total from *. DC in the last CH.

Row 2: CH 3, turn. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, CH in the center of the next V-Stitch. Complete 6 times total from *. DC in the last stitch, which will be the chain 3 of the previous row.

Row 3:
CH 3, turn. *V-Stitch-DC, CH 1, CH in the center of the next V-Stitch. Complete 6 times total from *. DC in the last stitch, which will be the chain 3 of the previous row.


  1. Hello
    Great scarf, making one formyself in my fav yarn, cotton acrylic mix, soft. Correct me if I am wrong, when you chain 17, the v stitches are not even out, at the end, you skip chain then double crochet, I did that but there is no chain to skip if you do 17 chains. You need to do even number of chains, like in your diagram you have 14 and stitches are all even. I hope this makes sense. I love this pattern, this will give me lacy scarf and flexible. I did even stitches and it is fine. Thankyou for sharing. :)

  2. This scarf looks a beauty, we will be camping soon and with my mum, brother and myself suffering with Raynauds disease we are looking for no end of patterns for warm clothing to crochet for when winter comes in again next year. Can't wait to get started on one of these, I bet they would be warm and especially made with 12 ply wool. Thanks for posting.

    All of your patterns are wonderful, they are easy to follow.

    Happy Crocheting. :D

  3. Hi Theresa - love this pattern! Your blog is so informative! I've crocheted along to a few of your videos and they really help increase my confidence. Recently I've made a hat a scarf set using a variation on shell stitch and they look great in a chunky yarn, but I wanted to make some gloves (not mittens) to go with, but I can't find even a simple dc or tr crochet pattern - can you help?!? Keep up the great work ;-)

  4. MonikaRose,
    The very first loop in the diagram is the one that the crochet hook goes in so it should be thought of as the hook loop. When you count back, you are not counting the very first chain because the hook goes in it. You will be working in the remaining 16 chains. The first 4 loops in the diagram count as the first double crochet plus the loop that the hook is in. I have not created a satisfactory image yet for a crochet hook but I am working on it. I have been caught by my own symbol diagrams but then I remember the first chain is the hook chain. I apologize about that.

  5. Waffles,
    You are welcome. I bet 12-ply will be a very warm scarf.

  6. Whimsical Wendy.
    Thank you. :) I started a mitten pattern but it didn't turn out how I wanted it to so back to the drawing board. Hopefully it I will have something before the end of winter.

  7. Hi theresa,
    I like ur blog very much this is very informative..
    i love crochet and i made a cap for my 2year dauther with ur video help. Now i want to make gloves for her and i searched ur site for gloves pattern but couldnt get it. Can u plz help me to make it.

  8. Hello, I like the blog.
    It is beautiful.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from Portugal

  9. Very pretty and feminine pattern. I just finished a scarf based on this lesson. It turned out nicely - very flexible even though I've used the 100% wool yarn. Do you have any suggestion for a more neutral scarf pattern for guys other than the simple double or single crochet? Thank you very much!

  10. Lisac,
    A seed stitch would be nice. This is a link to the written/symbol instructions.

    Crochet Seed Stitch

  11. Happy New Year! Thanks Teresa. I've started before your reply with alternating rows of DC and *1 SC in front loop only, 1 SC in back loop only*. That turns out quick nicely as well. I will keep the seed pattern for my next project. Thank you for sharing again.

  12. Are there only 3 rows for this scarf or what? If it is only 18 after completing 6 more times, isn't the scarf a little short?

  13. Anonymous,
    The length is left up to the person making the scarf.

  14. hi, i'm sorry if i'm asking a ridiculous question. how do u end the scarf?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Blaque,
    That is a very good question. What you do is, cut the yarn. This time you wrap the yarn over the pull the tail through the loop. This will secure the stitches from coming apart. After that you will sew in the tail. I am including a link to a video showing how to hide the yarn tails.

    Sewing In Tails

  17. Thanks for such a wonderful pattern...I am just a beginner...ur videos are great help for me...
    I have a query that how should i proceed if i want to make it for my 1yr old daughter?

  18. Could you please tell me what should be the width of scarf for Man?


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