How to Crochet a Shell Winter Scarf

Shell Crochet Winter Scarf

Skill Level: Easy, Beginner

This scarf matches the crochet shell hat

Video Tutorial: Crochet Shell Scarf

Written by Teresa Richardson

SH = Shell
CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SC = Single Crochet

Size I crochet hook
4-Ply Medium Worsted Weight Yarn - 2 -6 ounce Skeins

It may take 3-4 hours to complete this scarf depending on your experience with crochet. If it takes you longer, that is completely alright. There is no need to rush.

The Scarf is approximately 7.5" wide

Multiple 6+2

Chain 20 -
This will give you 3 shells.
Chain 26 - this will give you 4 shells

Row 1:
SC in the next CH from the hook, *skip 2 chains and do 5 DC in the next CH, skip 2 chains and do a single crochet in the next CH. Repeat from * for a total of 4 times. (you will have 4 full shells)

Row 2: CH 3 turn, do 2 more DC in the same SC. This will count as half of a shell. *SC in the third DC of the shell, 5 DC in the next SC. Repeat from * 3 times total. SC in the third DC of the shell, 3 DC in the last SC for half of a shell. ( you will have 3 full shells and 2 half shell on each end)

Row 3: CH 1, turn, SC in the top of the last DC, *5 DC in the next SC, SC in the third DC of the shell. Repeat for a total of 4 times from *, SC in the third DC of the shell.(you will have 4 full shells this row)

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 for the remaining length of the scarf.

The starting and finishing ends will vary somewhat. It is up to you in how you want to finish the edges so I am giving you some ideas in how to cover up the different edges.

  1. Crochet a shell edging over the starting chain so both ends are wavy.

  2. Continue on around the scarf evenly placing shells on both sides and covering up the foundation chain end.

  3. Crochet SC, HDC, DC HDC, SC in the valley of the shell. The staggered stitch heights will help create a flat edge. With this technique, you may want to do a single crochet edging all the way around after filling in the valley's of the shells.

  4. Add fringe.


  1. Oh I can't wait to make this!! THANK YOU! ♥Mannie

  2. Teresa,
    Beautiful really seems do-able. Thanks again for clear instructions, easy to follow slo-mo videos, and for sharing your creativity with the rest of us. I'm currently working on a scarf for my husband, but as soon as that's finished I'm going to start this one for myself.

  3. i love shell patterns! thanks!

  4. how do i finish so that the last row is straight?

  5. Angie,
    Once you complete the row, you cut the yarn and sew in the tail. You can leave it how it is and put a shell edging on the opposite side so they are the same.

  6. what is the math to make it wider, or say even bigger, like baby blanket size?
    thanks for such a great blog and videos!!!

  7. kristina,
    You are welcome. I am glad you like it. It is 6 additional chains for each extra shell that you want to add. This is what is called the multiple.

  8. It is such a nice pattern. I made a scarf like this for my cousin. she just loves it. =] thanks

  9. CraftyHands,
    You are welcome. I am happy that your cousin likes the scarf. It sure is cold enough for a scarf right now. I live in the deep south and we are in a deep freeze right now. I hope it warms back up soon.

  10. Hi Teresa, I'm still making the hooded scarf.I finished making my hood with a different stitch..and just to have a different feel I thought to make the length of the scarf with the shell pattern. But I'm having a real tough time by ripping most of the time so that my edges don't become too short or too lengthy. I read your writeup on "Improvise & Adjust" just now and only then was convinced that it is ok to make adjustments once a while. Thanks for that. But just curious, did you also face such trouble with shell pattern scarf when you started making it ? The picture of the shell scarf is so straight, but I seem to be ripping it now and then. So I got tired and thought to give it a break before trying again. But now I guess I have to keep adjusting whenever it goes wrong.

  11. Vidya,
    As long as you are crocheting in the exact top center, of each of the previous stitches, the edges will be even. This stitch needs to be a little more precise than other crochet stitches.

  12. Ok.guess I'm not taking enough care while crocheting on the top center...let me see where i'm going wrong this time....thanks for such a quick response !

  13. Hi Teresa,

    Thank u for this wonderful design.I finished my mufler following ur instructions and it is looking really good.I wish i cud send u the pic too...keep posting more designs...

  14. Love the look of this scarf :) I'm getting ready to try it out. was wondering, if I wanted to make it even thinner (I like skinny scarfs) how many would I chain to do just 2 shells?

  15. Sunshine,
    You will do 14 chains.

  16. Teresa,
    Beautiful scarf! u r simply amazing.... :) I am referring to ur videos and instructions to make many beautiful items.... thanks a lot!
    Teresa, could you please upload a video about how to make a shawl?

  17. I love your site! I can't wait to begin this project, thank you!!!!

    Elsa Garcia

  18. Hi Teresa,

    Your website is really great, I am just hooked on it. I am a beginner.
    Just bought one crochet hook 2 weeks back, I saw your video on single and double crochet and made two scarfs one small scarf just with single crochet for my son and one with double crochet. I made quite a few mistakes I think since the scarf width does not look uniform.
    Now I am trying your Shell scarf, I am so impressed with your videos and instruction sheet for pattern.
    Its really good for beginner. Good work Teresa and thank you so much. I never thought I could be up on track so quickly.
    The shell scarf is really simple but has a heavier look and feel. I live in Canada, its just right for this weather!

    Many Thanks Teresa and a Very happy new year to you and your family.

  19. Hey, thanks for the instructions and the pattern picture is really helpful. I really like this pattern, and am very excited about trying it out. Thanks again.

  20. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks so much for the pattern and the helpful video! I'd like to try this with alternating colors between the rows of shells...what would be the best way to do that?

  21. I made this scarf in red for my Grandmother for Christmas. It's gorgeous and she loved it! Thanks so much for the great pattern!

  22. A really great scarf pattern, very classy looking.

  23. hey...i love this pattern and would love to do this for my mom as a Christmas gift. How much yarn do i need to make this scarf and what brand is the best. Im clueless when it comes to that. Thanks!

  24. Thanks for the pattern! I'm trying to figure out which crochet hook size to use- any ideas?

  25. Thank you
    I have learned a lot from you
    You are amazing
    I'll Make this scarf


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