Pattern Stitches - Identify the Ending Stitch - Crochet Tip 29

There are some beautiful, tighter crochet pattern stitches. Some are easier than others to lose track of your count, add more stitches or miss a stitch. I have a recent example that just happened to me a couple of days ago. I am making a seed stitch scarf tutorial. It only has 10 seeds stitches. I noticed that my scarf was getting wider at the top. I thought that I accidentally started using a larger hook. What happened was that I added an extra stitch at the edge. * Counting stitches is very important as a way to prevent extra stitches. It can happen to everyone and will happen. :) I had to rip about 10 rows to get back to where I added the extra stitch. The pattern stitches that are more common to extra stitches being added are the Single Crochet,Seed Stitch, Star Stitch, Trinity Stitch, Cluster Stitch and Snowflake to name a few. They may be made with a single crochet, half double crochet or a type of cluster. Since the stitch is tighter together, it is common to put two stitches in the same stitch. *I have found that the edges are where additional stitches usually show up although they can appear anywhere in the row. In addition to counting, you can *frame up your edge with a visible stitch like a single crochet or half double crochet. You will have your pattern stitch between your basic crochet stitch. Sometimes the basic stitches are easier to identify. * A yarn marker is another way to identify hard to see stitches. Yarn markers will add visibility to the end stitch. Once you complete the first stitch of your row, add a yarn marker so you know where the last stitch is located. Unfortunately we all wind up with additional stitches on occasion. These steps are measures that you can put in place to help reduce errors.


  1. I, too have this problem! Thank you for making it clear! Helpful tips!


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