How to Crochet a Multi Color Crochet Pansy

The small purple flower is created from 2 rounds.
The reddish flower is created with HDC all around.
The big blue flower is demonstrated in the video with the written instructions below.

Multi Color Crochet Pansy

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Multi Color Crochet Pansy

SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
TC = Triple Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
BEG = Beginning
EA = Each
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
LP = Loop
SL ST = Slip Stitch

Size 6 steel crochet hook
crochet thread size 10

Note: This flower can be created with different size thread, yarn and hooks.

Center Spike: To do the spike, you insert your hook through the center hole in the flower and pull your thread through. You will need to pull up some extra thread to make the stitch even with your row. The spike is done on the center of the petal on round 2 and the single crochet on round 3. You can put your spikes anywhere with any stitch.

Chain 7, join.
Round 1: *CH 2 , 4 DC through center of chain. CH 2, SC through loop. Repeat from * 5 times total. Join with beginning SC. (5 petals with 4 double crochet in each petal)

Round 2: Join new color in first DC of any petal, CH 2, DC in same st, 2 DC in each stitch across. CH 3, SC in previous SC, *CH 3, 2 DC in ea ST across, CH 3, SC in previous SC, Complete 4 times from *. CH 3, Join in beginning Chain 3. (5 petals with 8 double crochet on each petal)

Round 3: Join new color in SC, *2 HDC in each stitch across, CH 3, spike SC, CH 3, Complete from * 3 times total for the first 3 petals. * 2 TC in ea stitch across, CH 3, spike SC, CH 3, Complete 2 times from *, join with beg CH 2. ( There will be 3 petals with 16 HDC and 2 petals with 16 TC)


  1. Nice tutorial, Teresa, and thanks for sharing your deisgn ideas and pattern.

  2. These are great! Absolutely love em, now do you have something to show or a pattern to read on how to put them together?

  3. Valerie,
    Do you mean put them together with just the flowers alone?

  4. hello, thank you sharing this video. where can i get the crochet thread you used for the pansy flowers. I cannot wait to do this flowers

  5. Teresa--
    This is the best pansy pattern I've ever seen! I've made up a handful of them to use on Christmas gifts this year. After Christmas is over, I'll have pictures of them on my blog (I want to wait so no one knows about them ahead of time). :)

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  6. hi teresa,thanks for sharing your wonderful talent,I just want to ask if you have a video or design /flower or lace and how to attach it to cloth so that it form as hem..thanks

  7. Thank you so much for the great tutorial. I have the first loop on my crochet hook. I am using embroidery floss for some bright colors. Tana


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