Monday Catching Up and Mittens

I am doing a little catching up today. My husband and I took a weekend trip to his hometown, Fort Pierce Florida over the weekend. I got some interesting video of various activities on the ocean. Well, I find them interesting. I have a second channel on Youtube now that I am going to use to upload sight seeing and travel video's.I am going to make an attempt to keep the crochet and site seeing separate since I am close to 400 videos. My sight seeing, travel channel is

Currently I am in the process of uploading a stripe baby beanie cap video along with posting instructions here on the blog. While I was in Florida I worked through a thumbless baby mitten pattern. It is with 4-ply yarn. I am thinking that I might like it with 3 ply better but 4-ply will be warmer. I
have a good idea in my head for two types of adult size mittens. I need to work through the patterns and write instructions. One I actually made for myself 19 years ago when I lived in Germany, I just never wrote down the pattern. I had a lack of self confidence in writing patterns and thought I would be doing it wrong so I just kept it in my head. I have learned a lot since then about writing patterns.

This is a little pair of mittens that I made for my daughter when she was a kid. She is 26 now so the mittens are probably 20 years old. I used the little embroidery lazy dazy stitch to accent the top of them. They are 6" long with the cuff and 3-1/4" wide across the hand.


  1. Hia, I love your mittens :)

    do u have any instructions on making toddler mittens? ive just completed your basketweave scarf, about to start the hat, and would love a mitten pattern, that is similar, if none available, i was hoping to find a basic mitten pattern and i would do the last couple of rounds at the cuffs as basket weave.


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