Improvise and Adjust - Crochet Tip 26

  • The square on the left is to full with to many stitches and/or chains. As this square gets larger, the corners will point out more and the edges will ruffle more.
  • The square on the right does not have enough stitches and/or chains. As this square gets larger, it will curl to the center more and possibly start to form sides.

You have heard me say this before, that each person has a unique crochet tension. That alone will alter the outcome of a pattern. Sometimes you can never get it right, without make some adjustments that will fit your crochet style. I will be using the granny square as an example but the technique will apply to any round that may have the same type of problem. There are many variations of the granny square and the granny pattern. Sometimes, the granny square may not lay flat in the corner and it is curling up or towards the center of the square. That is an indication that the square needs more chains or stitches in the corner. It is alright to alter the pattern and add more chains or stitches so it will lay flat. You may only need to do this for one or two rounds, and then you can go back to the basic pattern. I have used a larger crochet hook which may solve the problem. That way it would not be necessary to alter the pattern.

On the other end of this, you may find your edges wavy and your corners are pointing out higher than the sides. This is an indication that the square is to full. If it has gotten to this point you may want to consider ripping out a couple of rounds and adjusting from a point where you can control your shape better. If you have a chain 3 in the corner, you might try a chain 2. If your corner is chain 2, then you would chain 1. This will keep your corner from pointing out to much. If you have a chain 2 between the 3 double crochet, you will want to try a chain 1. This will control the wave in the sides making it less full with a straighter edge.


  1. Funny you posted this and I seen this today!
    A lady was crocheting a granny square today and I was watching her...was driving me nuts as this granny square and others never "looked" right. I asked her today how many chains she was doing in between the dc's and she said 3 on the corners and 2 in between. The squares are just so outta whack and now I know why,,,,may just have to print this off for her! :)


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