How to Stiffen Crochet Thread Ornaments

This is what I use for stiffening thread or yarn. This is not the same as blocking. That will be another tutorial. There are products called fabric stiffeners out there on the market. Glue with water works just the same. I have even used sugar and water to stiffen snowflakes.

Video Tutorial : How to Stiffen Crochet Thread Ornaments

Stiffening Solution
1 part glue
1 part water
Mix well

Saturate your piece in the solution. Squeeze out the excess. Shape your project on an old towel. It will take 24-48 hours to dry. The smaller snowflakes will dry faster. The yarn snowflakes will take about 48 hours to dry.

Once they pieces are dry, you can add glitter. I like to wait until the snowflakes are dry to add glue. I have found that the excess glue with the stiffening process will cover the glitter so it may not be as shiny and glittery.


  1. I know you did a youtube tutorial on this, but can't find it now. What is the link? What kind of glue do you use?


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