Flat Braid Crochet Method for Joining Squares

This technique is not specific to any square. This is another technique for joining squares of the same pattern and size. It can also be used for joining random squares from different patterns. You will be using an even amount of chain 3's around your square and on each size. The picture image has 3 chain 3 loops on each side for a total of 12 for each square. I will be describing joining the square on the left, to the square on the right. On section A of the diagram, you chain 2, drop the loop from your hook. The red arrow represents putting the hook over the chain 3 loop on the right. With the square on the right, insert your hook over the top, around the chain and pick up the chain 2 from the square on the left. Chain 1 to complete the connection. Do a single crochet in the joining square. Continue with joining your chains.

Section B on the diagram represents joining the corners so there is not a hole. You chain 2 on your joining square, drop the loop from your hook, insert the hook over the joining loop to the square on the right. You will also pick up the loop from the diagonal square where the red arrow is pointing. This will close up any hole and make it one nice solid piece.
Chain 1 to complete your chain and continue connecting the other side of your square.


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