Crochet Yarn and Yardage Calculator

This is a link to a yarn calculator.

Yarn Calculator


  1. A fellow CrocheterApril 12, 2009 at 9:27 PM

    That is very handy to have. Thank you.

  2. fellow Crocheter,
    You are welcome.

  3. Great site and great work. On behalf of all crocheters -- thank you!

    I came across your website while searching for a yarn estimator, i.e., something that would help me figure out an average amount of yarn needed for typical projects. [I have a stash of yarn that needs downsizing!] I was delighted to find those links on your blog -- just what I was looking for!
    My question is: Do you know if these calculations were based on knitting? I crochet and am not sure they apply. My concern is that I once read that crochet uses one-third more yarn than knitting. If the yardage calculator is based on knitting, then I could probably add 1/3 to the numbers and be close? Would sure appreciate your input. Thanks.

  4. Betty,
    I have them linked from other sites. They don't say if they are for knit or crochet.


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