Crochet Snowflake 4

Crochet Snowflake 4

Skill Level: Intermediate
Written by Teresa Richardson
Video Tutorial: Crochet Snowflake 4

SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
CH = Chain
SL ST = Slip Stitch
MC = Magic Circle

Start with the magic circle or you can chain 3 and join.
Round 1: CH 4, * DC, CH 1, Repeat from * 11 time total. Join in beginning CH 3. (12 DC, CH 1)
Round 2: CH 6, *SC in CH 1 space, CH 3, DC in DC, CH 3, Repeat from * 11 times total, SC in the last CH 1 SP, CH 3, Join in BEG CH 3.
6 Points: Attach thread to any double crochet , CH 1, SC in top of DC, CH 10, SC in SC, CH 8, SC in SC, CH 6, SC in SC, Ch 4, SC in SC, Ch 4, SL ST in same SC, CH 4 SL ST in same SC. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 6. Do a CH 6, SL ST. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 8. Do a CH 8, SL ST. Sl ST back down the point, opposite the CH 10. Do a CH 10, SL ST. Cut thread and sew in tail. Do a total of 6 points skipping every other double crochet.


  1. hello
    this is a great snowflake, are you considering doing a vid tut.
    I get stuck on the 6 points.
    Thanks MonikaRose :)

  2. MonikaRose,
    I have a video done that has not been edited yet. I am working on it.


  3. hi
    cool thankyou, looking forward to vid tut
    have a great day
    great shell scarf too


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