Contest Winner - Congratulations to Vidya V

Congratulations to Vidya V. You are the winner of my first contest, the 3 Hats - Pineapple Doily Crochet Giveaway - October 20-31 2008. My husband drew the name out of the hat this morning. Thank you everyone who entered. I have much more to give away.


  1. Congrats Vidya!! Thanks for the contest Teresa!! Take Care, Dawn

  2. congrats my friend. you are the best Teresa

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  4. Hello All, This is Vidya here. Thanks for wishing me on being the winner of the 1st contest announced by Teresa. I was pretty much surprised to see my name announced on this blog ! I also wish to tell that words are not enough to show my appreciation for the selfless contribution made by Teresa for teaching crochet to just about anyone !!! & Good Luck to you all for the 2nd contest :-)


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