How to Keyword Search for Crochet Video's on the Internet

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There are two places you can search if you are looking for a specific type of crochet video. On the Youtube main page or my main channel page tjw1963. In the image at the top, the red arrow on my main channel page points to where you can search for video's on my channel. I have found a way that works well for me, when I need to find a specific video of my own, to edit or another video that I may be looking for. I will be using the youtube homepage in the search example. This technique works well when searching for any video. I am going to use myself as an example since someone stumbling across this site may be looking for crochet related information.
  • I want to look for all double crochet video's by tjw1963.
  • In the image on the left, you will see a big red arrow on the Youtube homepage.
  • To the right of the arrow is the search box.
  • By default, the drop down box is on video so you don't need to do anything with that box.
  • I have typed in the keywords: double crochet tjw1963
  • TJW1963 is my channel homepage on Youtube, so I am associating the videos I am looking for with my channel specifically.
  • The next step will be to click on the search box to the far right.
  • The image on the right shows two video's that have the keywords "tjw1963, double crochet"
  • There are other video's that will come up if they have some of the similar keywords, as you can see in the image.
This image below is another example of a specific keyword search for crochet shells. I am using the keywords "tjw1963 crochet shell" for my search. Nine videos show up.

In this last example I did a keyword search for "tjw1963 crochet". It is not a very narrow search but it should be displaying all of my crochet video tutorials. The results on the page will show 20, of about 240.


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