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Looks can be deceiving when you purchase a lettered crochet hook. The following images will show three different brand crochet hooks, all lettered with the same size letter K. You will visually see a big difference. When you crochet a project with the same letter and the results are different, it could be that the author of the pattern used a different brand crochet hook. Keep in mind that individual tension will play a role in addition to hooks.

The top blue hook is a Boye. The center pink hook is a Susan Bates. I don't have a name brand for the green hook but the back says made in Germany.

When we look closely at the profile of the crochet hooks, this is where we see a huge difference. My favorite brand is the Boye crochet hook. I like it because of the rounded hook. The Susan Bates hook has a flatter hook. The narrow gap between the hook and handle of the Susan Bates will make your project smaller. When we look at the hook Made in Germany, it is much larger than the Boye hook and has a large gap between the hook and handle. This larger gap will make your project and stitches much larger.
From this image, the Susan Bates hook looks as though it would be a size or two smaller.

Below are three more examples with a J crochet hook this time. Green is a Boye hook, pink is Susan Bates and the blue is made in Mexico.

Here is the profile of the crochet hooks. This time the Boye crochet hook is slightly larger than the hook made in Mexico and quite a bit larger than the Susan Bates hook.

In my collection of hooks, I was lucky to find two different sizes, with three hooks each, to demonstrate the vast difference in what appears to be the same size crochet hook based on the alphabetic letter. With a different company brand or country sizing, the hook size changes dramatically and will give you varying results with your end project.


  1. Very interesting to see the comparison. I had noticed the difference in sizes by brand before but I had never put them side-by-side for comparison. I just always make sure to keep my hook with the project so that the tension wouldn't change.

    Seeing the size difference in the Boye vs. Susan Bates may mean I need to use a larger hook on patterns (I prefer the point on a Susan Bates -- but that may be because I tend to have a fairly tight tension on the yarn).

  2. Hi Clerk,
    It is great that we have a variety of hooks to choose from but it is to bad there is not one set standard with hooks.

  3. This is terrible! I'm just learning to read crochet patterns (I learnt w/o patterns)and it's bad enough I have to convert from lettered hooks to metric, now I find that each brand has it's own different size?! How am I going to follow a pattern then?

  4. Sweetie, you can still follow the pattern. You will find the hook that is closest in size. There may be a time that you will need to modify to get the size you are looking for.

  5. Teresa. I have experienced different brand of hooks. Like for instance, when I crochet using two strands of yarn using the larger size susan bates hook, and at the same time finding my gauge, my gauge runs larger. On the Susan Bates hook, the sizes are larger than the Boye. I love both brands Susan Bates and Boye. There is no particula.r brand I like, they are both good

  6. Thanks for the comparison. I prefer the Susan Bates, only because it feels more comfortable in my hands. I guess this proves why it's important to check your gauge when starting a new project.

  7. Theresa i only wish you had posted a smaple with each one- was there an actual difference? NO WONDER we all have favorite hooks!

  8. Hello!
    I wonder if that difference isn't directly linked to the imperial system you folks use in the USA. With the metric system (which is the one we're all used to in Brazil) I never had that trouble. Without that, the brands can make any different sizes they want because it's not really standard.

    The only thing I've noticed here, though, is the shape of the hook itself. That varies from brand to brand and so far my favorite one is Clover.

  9. I just noticed that the N hook from boye is 9.00 mm and my susan bates N hook is 10.00 mm. Red heart crystal lites N is also 10.00mm. Now i have to compare them all in both letter and mm and make notes so if i cant find a hook..which i have many...i might be able to substitute with a different size. Now i wonder..if a pattern gives size of hook in letter and mm which should we follow?

  10. I tried a 6 for the coaster I made and It came out two sizes to big

  11. The hook made in Germany could be HERO brand. I have a few that were my mother's or a neighbor's. The thumb grip says MADE IN GERMANY. The HERO hooks (F and K) don't fit the F or K hole for the Susan Bates knitting needle/crochet hook measure and they also don't fit the F or K hole for the Yarnology knitting needle/crochet hook measure. That is, when I put the hook end first. But they fit if I put the base end in first. I have the same problem with Boye hooks. So the hooks don't fit the hole, but the shaft does from the bottom in.
    I was wondering why my projects were coming out too big.
    Now I have to go buy all new hooks ~ Susan Bates. >:-[


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