Crochet Thread Angel - Ornament - Book Marker

These can be used for ornaments or as a book marker. I have just added a simple braid to the book marker.

Crochet Thread Angel

Video Tutorial: Crochet Thread Angel

DC = Double Crochet
CH - Chain
EA = Each
LP = Loop
MC = Magic Circle
SP = Space
SK = Skip
SL ST = Slip Stitch

Written by Teresa Richardson

Size 2 Steel Crochet Hook
Size 10 crochet cotton

Start with a magic circle

Head Round 1: CH 3, 11 DC in loop, join. Pull Magic circle snug. (12 DC total)

Head Round 2: CH 3, DC in same DC, 2 DC in ea ST around for a total of 24 (24 DC total)

Head Round 3: *CH 2 SL ST in EA ST around. Continue around from *. SL ST in the BEG CH. SL ST in the CH 2.

Wings Row 1: CH 3, 5 DC in the same CH 2 SP. (6 DC total)

Wings Row 2: CH 3, Turn, DC in the same DC as turning CH, 2 DC in ea ST across. ( 12 DC total)

Wings Row 3: CH 3, Turn, DC in the same DC as turning CH, 2 DC in ea ST across. (24 DC total) Cut thread and secure.

Angel Dress Row 1: Skip over to stitch 11 and attach thread in stitch 11. This part will be worked over stitches 11,12,13,14. Ch 3, 2 DC in the same stitch as CH 3, 3 DC in ea of the next 3 STs. (12 DC total)

Angel Dress Row 2: CH 3, Turn, 2 DC in ea ST across. (24 DC total)

Angel Dress Row 3: CH 4, Turn, *SK a ST, DC in the next, CH 1, continue across from * (12 DC)

Angel Dress Row 4: Ch 3, Turn, *3 DC in CH 1 SP, DC in DC, Repeat from * across row.

Angel Dress Row 5: Ch 3, turn, 1 DC in ea DC across.

Angel Dress Edging: Ch 2, SL ST, CH 2, SL ST in ea st across. Cut thread, sew in tails.

Wing Edging: CH 2, SL ST, CH 2, across. Keep going across waist to other wing SL ST'ing between stitches.

Sew in all the extra tails.


  1. This will decorate nicely on the Christmas Tree!! Thank you Teresa!!!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern. As soon as i saw it , i crochet along with your video and finished it. Both video and written pattern is very helpful to follow. Thank you

  3. Love it!!!! I am an angel nut though. I can't wait to make these to put on gifts!

  4. love your angel.. thank you for sharing this pattern

  5. Love your angel pattern, I will use it for Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing.


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