Crochet Snowflake 1

Crochet Snowflake 1

Written by Teresa Richardson

Skill Level: Intermediate

Video Tutorial: Crochet Snowflake 1

CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
TC = Triple Crochet
DC CL = Double Crochet Cluster - This stitch is joined at the top.

*Note: This snowflake can be made with yarn or thread.

Chain 3, join

Round 1: CH 2, DC in CH. *CH 3, DC Cluster, repeat from * 5 times total. CH 3, join in beg cluster.

Round 2: SL ST to center of CH 6, *CH 4, TC in center of DC CL, Picot(CH 3, SL ST, CH 6, SL ST, CH 3, SL ST all in the top of the TC) CH 4 SL ST in center of CH 6 space. Repeat from * 6 times total.
The last CH 4 will be joined to the beginning CH 4. Cut your yarn, secure your tail and sew in the tail.


  1. Quick question. What is the DC Cluster?

  2. Jailor, DC Cluster means the stitches are joined at the top. It is really the same as a double crochet decrease too, only it is a cluster of stitches joined at the top while the project is getting larger in size.

  3. This can also be made with Peaches N Cream 100% cotton, correct?

  4. Zola Rayne,
    Yes it can be made with that brand. I prefer the snowflakes with the cotton.

  5. I just made this snowflake using Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn and a size H hook. It turned out really nice!

  6. this is exactly what i've been looking for. THANK YOU!

  7. gruene_beadle,
    great suggestion. Do you have any pictures? I would love to see it.

  8. Christine,
    You are welcome. I have three more snowflakes posted that you might be interested in. Let me know if you need help finding them.

  9. I love this pattern! But When I made it and showed off my proud work my husband said it looked more like a star than a snowflake. So I made a slight Change.... I started with a ch.4
    rnd 1: DC in loop *ch 3, DC* repeat 7 times. Ch.3 & join in beg DC.
    rnd 2: *Ch 4, TC in center of DC, Ch. 3, slst at top of TC, ch. 5, slst at top of TC, ch. 3, slst at top of TC. ch. 4 slst in ch. 3 space. Ch 2, DC in top of DC, ch 2 slst in top of DC, ch. 3 slst in top of DC, ch.2 slst in top of DC, ch 2, slst in ch. 3 space.* Repeat 4 times.

    I just thought I would share this with you =)


  10. Chinah,
    Snowflakes and stars do have a similarity to each other when it come to the points. This is another good example of the flexibility of crochet. Any snowflake pattern can be altered to add an extra point or two or take points away.

  11. KimBerLy,
    I have included the link for the triple crochet video tutorial.

    Triple Crochet

  12. mine went out really good. soon it'll be posted to my blog.
    Thank you :)

  13. I can's get the first round right.
    Joing the last stitch with the first results in a very weird looking wheel. The 6 gaps inbetween aren't evenly shaped :(
    Any advice?

  14. Marinake - Keep practicing. It sounds like it may be some tension. You will get better the more you practice.

  15. I know this is a very very old thread, but anyway: There seems to be a tiny little mistake in the written pattern?
    In R 1, it should be "CH6 " instead of "CH3". At least that's what it looks like in the chart. (Would also answer katie#3's question)


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