Crochet Magic Heart Potholder

Magic Heart Potholder

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet Magic Heart Potholder

FHDC = Foundation Half Double Crochet
CH = Chain
HDC = Chain
EA = Each
MC = Magi Circle
SL ST = Slip Stitch

Size G Hook
Lilly & Cream 4 Ply Crochet cotton- You can use any yarn. This is really a great project to use up scrap yarn.

I am providing two foundation starts. I like the foundation crochet or chainless foundation better for some projects and this is one of them.

Foundation Start 1: 24 FHDC

Foundation Start 2: CH 25, 24 SC in ea ch across

Round 1: Side 1: 24 HDC
Side 2: 24 HDC , join in beg HDC, CH 1 (48 HDC total)

Round 2 - 12: 1 HDC between ea HDC, join ( 48 HDC total)

Fold on the diaganol and sew together.


MC or Chain 3, join.

Round 1: Ch 1, 6 HDC in loop, join.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 HDC between ea previous HDC, join. ( 12 HDC total)

Round 3: Ch 1, 2 HDC between ea previous HDC, join, (24 HDC total)

Round 4: CH 1, *1 HDC between next st, 2 HDC between next st, continue around from * (36 HDC total)

Round 5: CH 1, *1 HDC in each of the next 2 Sts, 2 HDC in the next ST, continue around from *. (50 Sts total)
Round 6-7: Ch 1, *1 HDC between ea HDC around, continue around from *. (50 Sts total)

Knot and secure the magic circle well or it will come apart.

Fold circle in half. SL ST each HDC to the opposite HDC to secure the two sides together, ch 3, SL ST both sides, CH 3, SL ST both sides. Continue to other end. Cut thread about 18" for sewing to square.

With a whip stitch, Sew the flat side of half circle and one side of square. Sew the other half circle to the other side of the square to form a heart. Knot and sew in all the tails.


  1. Hi your tutorial was awesome. Thanks for it and the great pattern.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful instructional crochet videos! I attempted your magic potholder today and I am confused about whether you turn your work around after each round or whether you continue to crochet with the right side facing you throughout. I would appreciate your help--I love this potholder! You have totally blown me away with the chainless foundation. You have changed my crocheting life for the better ...

  3. eleensray,
    I just keep going in one direction and do not turn.


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