Crochet Flower - Made from Plain Old Circles

Crochet Flower

  • You will need to create 5 small circles (2 rounds)
  • I am including the third round for this circle, even though the example is made with only two rounds.
  • You can make this project with thread.
Written by Teresa Richardson

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -

Size H Crochet Hook
4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn

Chain 3, Join

Round 1: CH 1, 12 DC in the loop, join in the first double crochet.

Round 2: CH 1, 2 DC in ea DC around. ( 24 Double Crochet Total)

Round 3: CH 1, *2 DC in next ST, 1 DC in ne
xt ST. Repeat around from * ( 36Double Crochet Total)

You have a choice of two edgings to choose from. You can also use an edging of your own if you would like to.

Edging 1: Reverse Single Crochet

Edging 2: SL ST between stitch, *CH 3 SL ST in same sp, SL ST in next SP, Repeat around from *, join.

You will want to cut a length of yarn to attach the circles together.

  1. The first frame shows the circle, in preparation to being added to the other petals.
  2. You fold the circle about 1/3 of the way up to form a straight edge along the bottom of all 5 circles.
  3. Fold the bottom points of the large circle together and run the needle through, pulling snug and securing. You will want to shape and adjust your petal at this point.
  4. Knot and secure your petals. Hide the tail.


  1. Olá amiga!!! Lindo seu blog...belos trabalhos!!!
    Venha me visitar!

    Kátia Missau

  2. This is a really fantastic tutorial of converting circle into such a pretty flower....thanks for sharing...Seema

  3. Love this flower. Thanks for all your tutorials. They are so helpful. I appreciate all the time this must take you.
    I just have to say LOVE your fingernails. Wish mine were looking as nice.

  4. Nice..I want to try it later..thanks ! :)


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