Crochet Christmas Holiday Stocking

Crochet Christmas Holiday Stocking

Stocking Measurements
5.5" Toe Section - Vertical
8"- Toe Section- Horizontal
6"- Calf Section- Horizontal
13"- Cuff to bottom of stocking - Vertical

Video Tutorial: Crochet Christmas Holiday Stocking

Video Tutorial: Crochet Galaxy Stitch - Snowflake

Written by Teresa Richardson

Red 4-ply Worsted Weight Yarn
White 4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn
Size H Crochet Hook

Crochet Abbreviations

GS = Galaxy Stitch
CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
EA = Each
LP = Loop
ST = Stitch
SL ST = Slip Stitch

There will be two techniques to start this project.

Technique 1: 30 Foundation Single Crochet

Technique 2: Chain 31, 30 Single Crochet in the chain.

The Galaxy Crochet stitch will be used for this project. We will be working on both sides of the foundation with round 1. There will be 15 GS=Galaxy Stitch on each side for a total of 30. The first Galaxy stitch will be worked in the beginning chain 2 of each round. One single crochet will be skipped between the elongated sections of the bottom part of the stitch.

Round 1: Chain 2, 15 GS down the first side of the foundation, 15 GS down the opposite side of the foundation. Join through the beg. ch and center joining. (30 Galaxy Stitch Total)

Round 2-8: CH 2, turn, 1 GS in EA of the next 30 ST's. Join (30 GS total)

Round 9: 1 CH 2, turn. 1 GS in EA of the next 26 St's. SL ST together in the center eye of the 5th GS. The last 4 GS will remain open for shaping the toe of the stocking. The first 4 GS will be shaped, folded over and sewn to the first 4.

Round 10: Turn, CH 2, 22 GS around, join. You will want to determine a right side and wrong side. Now you will want to sew your toe together, weaving and easing the toe for a more rounded shape. Sew the 4 stitches on each side together. Knot your tail, sew it in.

Round 11-19: Turn, CH 2, 22 GS around, join. Cut the yarn and secure with a knot when you have completed round 19.

Round 20: Attach White, CH 1, You will work 44 SC and random spikes around the stocking. You can skip this row if you just want to continue on with the cuff.

Round 21-24: CH 2, Turn, 22 GS around. join. Fold cuff in half.

CH 5,
Row 1-17: 4 SC in ea ST for 17 rows. Fold over and sew in place on the inside or outside of the back part of the stocking.


  1. Is there a place where I can get the Galaxy stitch directions other than in the tutorial? I would like to make this stocking, but am not sure that when I do that I will be able to find the link to the video.

  2. Anonymous,
    Here is the link to the stitch alone. There is a video tutorial on the page too.

    Crochet Galaxy Stitch

  3. Hey there. With this type of stitch, what is the best way you would suggest to add a name to the stocking, near the top? I've tried several different methods but most end up looking messier than I'd prefer. Help!



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