3 Hats - Pineapple Doily Crochet Giveaway - October 20-31 2008 - Closed

Saturday 01-NOV-08: Congratulations to Vidya V.

Sunday 26-OCT-08: Thank you everyone for all the great comments. I appreciate all of them.

I have decided to give away some of the hats and projects that I have made. This giveaway will consist of 3 crochet hats and a lace pineapple-popcorn doily. The hats will fit a 22-24" head. The doily is 16" across made with size 20 crochet cotton. The flowers can be removed from the hats, if you are not fond of the flowers. You could recycle the flowers to a granny square of another project. Just a thought.

The rules are as follows:
  • Post 1 comment on this blog. It does not have to be crochet related. If you want to tell about a vacation you took over the summer, what you will be doing for the holidays, a new baby in the family, an achievement, graduation; the comment is up to you. If you have a more creative way to choose a winner for possible future giveaways, that will be great. A sentence or two will be fine.
  • Have a blogger account so I have a way to contact you should you be the winner.
  • You can also enter by sending an e-mail to me at stylish.crochet@gmail.com, Subject: Crochet Contest Hats & Doily
  • This is open to everyone around the world
  • From the comments posted, I will do an old fashioned drawing out of the a hat on November 1, 2008 and posting the winner here on my blog.


  1. Teresa,

    Thank you for your informative blog and videos! I've just recently started learning how to crochet and enjoy stopping by the blog to see a video or new pattern.

  2. Your crochet items are just beautiful! You do such a great job!
    Georgette Schmidt

  3. I love your instructional videos. I also enjoy reading your blog.
    Lora from the Frankfortcraftclub

  4. Wow a contest thats super I would love to be entered, you are such an inspiration to crochet i hardly know where to start, i do visit your blog and videos at least twice a week, if i get stuck on a project im looking you up and sure enough you have exactly what i need to finish it. Just keep up the good work.
    God Bless

  5. Love your videos and blog.
    Lora from Frankfortcraftclub

  6. Teresa,
    Your videos and blog are great! The videos are especially helpful! Thanks for making them available to everyone!


  7. Oh! What a wounderful thing giving a gift, some body will get lucky.
    Teresa, I would like to say,
    You are gettint to be very popular in the crochet world, I for one don't wont you to forget about us in the small part of the world that really need your help and advice. I send people to your site that wont's to know or learn crocheting. YOU have been a God sent, to so many of us. keep the help,tips, and the patterns comming. LOL ! one day you might be hiring one or some of us to help you or work for you.
    again Thank you so much, God Bless.

  8. Hi Teresa!!! this is my entry to your giveaway!! ;-) Really, thanks for posting all the things you do. I come here almost everyday to see what you have posted and see if it can help me out in any way, shape, or form. Thanks again for the things that you do. :-) Have a great day!!!!!

  9. Thanks so much for all of the help you have given to all of us who are just learning to crochet. We all have been truly blessed to have you do so much for us.
    Brenda Jones

  10. First time I have visited your Blog Teresa. Very nice site. I enjoy your posts in our yahoo group. You are very helpful.


  11. Hi Teresa I would like to tell you that your crocheting video's have help me out so much.Thier is no one else out thier in the crochet world that can teach as good as you.When ever I need to know how to do a stitch I pull you out of my favorites .I got you close by no searching for you.LOL Also thanks for the updates I get when you have a new release on a crocheting video's.

    Happy Crocheting Joan,

  12. They are nice hats--contest are fun, and this one reflects your kindness. Thanks very much.

  13. I just recently took up crochet again and was so excited to find your site! I actually found one of your videos on you tube and immediately went to your site after watching it. I was so excited I think I actually exclaimed out loud! :) Thank you for offering all you do on here. What a blessing it has been to me!

  14. thank you for shareing your talents i am now working on the crochet granny squares and also i started watching the how to make a rose, the tutorials are easy to follow keep up the good work
    HUGS Dora

  15. Hi Teresa.. thank you for this contest.. I love all your itmes here especially the doily.. I would looooooooooooooooooooove to make one like that but better yet if I win it I won't have to make one..hehehe.. thank you again and I hope I win...love and hugs...Nancy from Indiana

  16. I love reading your blog. Crochet is among one of the many handcrafts I do. If you check out my blog and look at some earlier posts you will see an assortment of crocheted things one of my aunts made and gave to me. I will always cherish them. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  17. Hello,

    I was planning on asking this question when I had time. I guess I can ask and have a chance at winning some patterns too.

    I am just starting out with crocheting...have been for close to 3 yrs now. lol

    I get confused sometimes when having to do a DC and then having to do the next DC after that in a SC circle.
    I know the DC has to be done in the 4th CH from the hook. But, I have problems with that when I am doing a DC that follows another DC in a SC circle. I had to start with a circle and then around that the pattern called for DCs.

    When do I start counting the chains for the 2nd DC? Do I start counting from the hook which would then cause there to be 2 chains (they look like chains...which are in the already finished DC itself)or do I start counting the 4 CHs completely away from the already finished DC, i.e. starting at the next SC in the circle?

    I hope the question makes sense.

    Btw, thanks for your videos. It really helps to look at someone doing a pattern. I haven't looked through all of them yet, so I don't know if there is a good video I can watch to see and example of 2 or more DCs in following each other in a circle.

  18. I came across you through your YouTube account! I was searching for granny squares and a market bag tutorial! You have blog! Also, I really love your little pumpkin tutorial too! I made a YouTube account just so I can keep up with your videos!

    Thank you!
    <3 Mannie

  19. Pineapple doilies have been my favorites since I was a kid. My granddmother taught me to crochet but didn't know how to read patterns. I taught myself to read patterns and have made many things through out the years. I've never seen this pattern. It is beautiful.

    Love your videos and help to the group.
    Gayle Gammage

  20. What a wonderful giveaway - just as wonderful as your blog. You cannot imagine how much I have learned from you and for that I give you a big thank you! a.haun@sbcglobal.net

  21. I love your patterns & tutorials
    Cindy from FrankfortCraftClub

  22. I have learned how to crochet by watching your videos! Thank you so much for taking the time to produce them. It is really appreciated. I try to always have a small project with me so that I can keep myself occupied. I recently took my hook and yarn on vaccation with me to Kansas, yeah I know, not a regular touristy place, but I have family there and if you know where to go and look, Kansas is full of history. I ended up making double thick potholder-trivets for my grandma while I was thereand she loves them....and it is all thanks to your videos!
    Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.

  23. I just want to say thanks again for all of your tutorials. I absolutely love crochet and part of it is because of the time you donated making videos for people to learn from.
    I haven't been able to crochet as much since I just started grad school, but I am trying to find a way to manage at least a half hour a day.

    Thanks again for everything! ^__^

  24. Hi, Teresa! I've learned a lot from your instructional videos and I wanted to thank you for being so detailed in your tutorials. I've made hats, scarves, and little baby booties in the past from your excellent instructions. Please, continue being an amazing teacher. Thanks, and have a good one!

  25. I have been watching your videos for quite a while and you are very talented. You have also given me much inspiration. :) Thank you!

  26. Teresa,
    I really enjoy your blog and read it almost daily. In fact I think I am going to try some crocheted snowflakes from a recent post.

  27. I am currently working on a light blue baby blanket for nephew Kaiden. I'm hoping to have it ready by the baby shower but if not before he is born would be great. I can't wait for his arrival ^_^

  28. Thank you for this great contest!! Good luck to everyone..but I would love for it to be me! Take care!

  29. Hi Teresa
    I am from Singapore.
    Just want to say thanks for all the effort you put into all the videos. I am pregnant with my second kid, so trying to pick up new skill. Your videos really help me to learn how to crochet my very first baby hat. It is not done yet, but to see the shape of the baby beanie hat forming is great. Thanks for everything.

  30. I'm so excited that this Wednesday I get to hear the beating heart of my second child whom I have only been pregnant with for 8 weeks. Because of your wonderful videos I have learned to crochet and make lots of wonderful things not only for my new baby but also many new babies at my church.

    You are an inspiration to many,

  31. What cute hats! Thank you so much for all the information you give. I have made several of your single crochet baby beanies to donate to charity. How cute they are!

  32. Teresa,

    I love your videos, I have learned so much from watching you that I now am creating My own patterns and making things I never thought I could do.

    Thank you so much for putting forth the time and effort that you do for all of us.


  33. Teresa....your informative videos are inspiring me to crochet items I would not have attempted just a week or two ago. Though there is not a baby girl to crochet the white Solomon's Knot dress for, I will and keep it that special bundle of joy.

  34. Wow you have heaps of comments I hope you see this just so you know how thnakfull i am for all your work. I have shared your site with my sister my aunt and my mother and also thanks to you my sister aunt and I have finally tought my mom to crochet. You are a truley gifted teacher and i can't thank you enough for adding so much joy to my family. Cheers and happy holidays.

  35. I have learn so much from your videos. . . thank you my master!!!

    p.s. I neeeever let dooown my hooooook. . . O_O

    Kathryn Reyes

  36. Teresa, I think your work is awesome. I also appreciate all the tutorial videos and help that you give to so many in this craft. It's not so much that I am commenting because of your contest, but more out of appreciation and admiration of your talents that you share with others. I have seen you help out in some of the groups we are in together. Thanks for all the help that you provide to others. Again, your work is AWESOME!

  37. ola teresa
    adoro ver os teus videos

  38. Teresa,
    I LOVE the hats that you are giving away! GREAT JOB! What a fab idea it is, to just give the hats away. Is there any chance that the patterns can be made available? That way, I can be a winner, even if I'm not. :-) Living in New England, hat season will be here in no time, so we might as well look good while we’re wearing them.
    Thanks so much!

  39. hi teresa,
    this s the first time i am stepping into ur blog... n its soo nice n helpful.great job ..i started crochet recently n now searching for some videos for help... thanks for such an informative blog... n its a very good idea to give a gift to someone..

  40. Hi Teresa :)
    Thank you for all your instructions, this contest actually inspired me to start my own blog spot!

    Dol (DoloresD from YouTube)

  41. Love the videos! I've referred to them many times as I re-learn crocheting from 30 years ago! I forgot just how relaxing it is. Thanks!


  42. I'm SAHM to my 20-mos old daughter, and 4.5 yr son (he goes to PreK now). Both knows my yarn (and my knitting needles and hooks) are off-limits to them. I barely have time to finish projects.

    Funny moment today: I thought I may have stomach flu this morning. Ironic twist is what if it was morning sickness I told my husband. We just laughed it off (nervously though). We'll see.

  43. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for doing this Giveaway! First, I would like to thank you for posting instructional videos. They have helped me so much on how to read patterns. I have learned so many stitches. You make it easy and fun. I just finished a granny square afghan using "Vanna's Choice" Lion Brand yarn. It was my first granny square project and it came out beautiful. Before this project, I did a baby blanket using your "Drop Shell Stitch" pattern, and that also came out gorgeous.

    Please continue putting these wonderful videos for us.

    Gloria - Orange, CA

  44. I just love your blog - I check it everyday (sometimes 3 or 4) and am so disappointed when there is nothing new to "learn" on your site!

    Thank you for everything you do, please don't stop making those videos and posting!

  45. Hello Teresa, MonikaRose here, thank you for replying about the slippers I made from your tutorial. As you know I turned them into my first socks and I have worn them in shoes, runners. There are so warm and comfortable in the shoe. You are an inspiration to me, since than I have been making socks and slippers. Thank you. I love the hats and doily, they are beautiful, I would love to receive them. Have a great day :) Monikaorse.

  46. I really love your videos on YouTube. I am currently trying my hand at the little pumpkin. My kids think so far it's CUTE. They both one one. I might end up making some little jack-o-lanterns as well. Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into the videos. I *really* appreciate it!!!


  47. Teresa,
    Beautiful Work!! I have crocheted for 30+ years and pineapple doilies are still my favorite thing to make!! Take Care, Dawn

  48. A giveaway is a great way to get rid of projects you don't know what to do with! I found you on Squidoo and have had you bookmarked every since. Keep on crocheting!

  49. When you do your drawing out of the hat, will it be one of the hats you're giving away?! (LOL) I still consider myself a beginning crocheter, so I love your website - I learn so much from here!

  50. These hats are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to be a part of your contest.

  51. Teresa, Thank you for such wonderful videos and patterns. It's always wonderful visiting your site to see what's new. And now a contest! Hurray!

  52. The contest is a great idea - the hats look truly adorable!

  53. The hats are very cute and your doily is gorgeous. Thanks for having such a helpful blog :-) I can always find help here if I get stuck on a pattern.

  54. Having somehow acquired the crochet bug? I now can't seem to stop myself. I came across your blog whilst searching for inspiration and I seem to have found it right here. Fantastic.

  55. Teresa,
    I can't thank enough for your tutorials on youtube. I am a visual learner and having you crocheting the patterns, has helped me greatly. I've made 2 baby blankets thanks to your drop shell pattern. Both New Moms loved the blankets. I have a picture of my first baby blanket on my blogger, and feel free to take a look. Thank you again.

  56. so hi! how was your day? i really like the leaves on the brown hat. they're pretty.

  57. This is great!! Thank you for all your help! Good luck to all!

  58. I have Alopecia and hate wearing my wigs, so either wear hats or scarves, your video showed me how and I now have a selection of handmade cozy hats! But a few more would not go amiss ....

  59. Your videos and blog keep me stitching.. now with that cute new yule star.. whohoo.. I am gonna make your star stitch hat out of the snowflake stitch which I am hooked on.. Hubby loves the blanket I made for us out of the Snowflake stitch too.. huggs

  60. Your videos and blog are an majick.. I am gonna make the Star yule design for our tree and think of places in the house to put them year round.. would be cute on a sliding glass doors in different colors.. My hubby loves the blanket I made out of the snowflake design.. Thank you Terera.. keep on stitchin.. huggs

  61. Hi Teresa
    I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the time and energy you have spent helping others to learn the lovely art of crochet. It exercises my arthritic hands and brings back fond memories of my late mother who used to crochet, whilst I looked on. I love your hats they keep me warm and toasty on these cold English nights, I am wearing one now!
    Best wishes...x

  62. Another wonderful pattern to add to my never ending list of have to do :-)

    You are an inspiration

  63. Hi Teresa
    Your work is amazing and the giveaway is so cool.If it was upto me
    i would be learning full time.I dont get much time with 4 kids one in college life is hectic but i always look forward to seeing your new videos.

  64. Thanks to your lessons in my home I was able to crochet a few items for the shoebox we sent to Operation Christmas Child. Thanks so much.

  65. Hi Teresa,

    Love your crochet videos! I've already learned a lot from you!

  66. Your site is my favorite crochet blog. I subscribe to your RSS feed so that I know directly if you have a new article. Unluckily I don't have time to practice my crochet skill right now because I'm finishing my study (which is very very unrelated to crochet :P) And I really appreciate your willingness and kindness to share everything, without any copyright issue or anything else.. It's an honour to me if I could win the giveaway! ;-)

  67. hi, teresa
    I really love your blog, your videos are wonderful and I did not even speak English very well, because I'm from Brazil, I can well understand your videos.
    thank you for everything you are teaching.

  68. Teresa, I throughly enjoy your blog and your videos. Could you possibly consider doing a beginner video for kids. I started teaching my grandson how to crochet when they were down visiting this summer. Since he went back home he seems to be stuck. I have sent him some pictures but don't know how to do the video thing. My blog address is http://360.yahoo.com/grannyjo40
    Any ideas would be appreciated. He lives in Florida and we are in Texas. Too far for me to drive right now. Jo


  70. Your crocheted items are beautiful!! Your hats are so cute. It's so awesome that you have contests to share your creations. I'd love to add your hats to mine for a chemo patient. Thank you for all you do for Crochet!!

  71. I don't usually win contests but wanted to enter any way to tell you how much, I appreciate the time you have spent in putting together all the videos and written patterns, to help every one. I have used them a lot, and have learned so much more. A big Thank you, keep up the good work. Linda at catlady1@frontiernet.net

  72. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for the contest. Your crocheting is beautiful. Instead of using the flowers for grannies how about pen toppers.
    Kim Getz, no I mean Mullins of Winnemucca, NV, now of Klamath Falls, OR

  73. Found you through crochetpartners. Been working on crocheting items that I can sell for $7.00 or less at craft shows. Ideas abound in this group. Some just validate ones I've come up with. Others are "Of course, that's a great idea but I would like to use a different stitch, yarn, size.

    Your crochet items are beautiful. Planning on making some for my kids and myself(for a change) for the holiday gifting.

    Don't blog myself but yours is very informative and inspirational.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    Colleen Davis

  74. You are doing great :-) Can't wait to see what you have for us next.


  75. I think I put my name in the hat before but am not sure. I do want to say I really like your tutorials. They have been very helpful to me.Please keep it up. crochetsew (pat)

  76. you have some great things here

  77. I love your videos, it always seems much easier when I see them instead of just reading instructions. Thanks for the chance to win the great giveaway!!


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