Recycle Edgings - Crochet Tip 12

I know I have not talked much about edgings so this is something to keep in mind when creating edgings for garments, hankies, towels or pillow cases. I would make edgings for my daughters dresses when she was a little girl. If you are using thread to make an edging, a lot of time and work will go into it. Make your edging separate from the fabric. Hand sew the edging on so it can easily be removed later. That way if your child wears out their clothing, you can use the edging again. This will hold true for the edging of table linens or pillow cases. The fabric will wear out long before the crochet lace. Even if there is a little wear in crochet lace, it can be repaired.

This is my daughter in a dress I made for her back in 1985. I used to sew a lot back then too. It is accented with a crochet edging. Since the edgings were sewn on separately, they could be removed and recycled to use on another dress or used in another project. Hopefully some other little girl got some good kid use out of it since I know my girly little daughter did not wear out the dress.


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