Crochet Oldies - Some of my first Projects

I finally found some pictures of some of my first crochet projects from the early to mid 1980's. I didn't save any of my mistakes. If I had a doily that I messed up on to much, I would throw it away and then start over from scratch. I am not so sure what my thought process was on that one at the time.

This was my first filet crochet project that I ever made. This would have been 1984. I had been actively crocheting for about 9 months. I entered the horse in a local community festival and got second place. My daughter was keeping deeply entertained by that pillow. She liked to pick at things, trying to get at it. That window pane pillow kept her busy.

This is another from 1984, my daughter and a doily. She loved to take them and wear them on her head. If I had a doily missing, I always knew were to find it. They were usually on her head or in her room.

This was a baby gift for a gal I was babysitting for at the time. (1985) It is the stitch known as Catherine's Wheel.

This would be around 1987. I made an afghan for my sister and two little round, thread wall hangings.


  1. I love the horse one you did. Thats why I wanna try Fillet Crochet. stuff like that. How hard is it to come up with your own chart? I have an idea for one and woud like to try it. Again good job.

  2. Thank you Harold. I have software I use to create charts now. I had tried over the year with graph paper but I gave up because it was time consuming and I didn't get the results I was looking for.

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  4. I like the butterfly piece.

    Someday I hope to be as good as you Teresa!

  5. Oh, I LOVEEEEE that afghan! You made it in my birth year, woohoo!



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