Crochet Multiple- Defining the Meaning

I had an older post trying to explain multiples. I have tried to freshen this one up a bit. There is also a video tutorial to go along with a written description. I am hoping that between the two, it will make sense.

Video Tutorials:
Crochet Multiple- Defining the Meaning

You have probably seen the term multiple used in your project instructions and wondered what it meant. There are a series of numbers given to figure how long your chain will be. There are hundreds of crochet pattern stitch variations. It will take so many chains to complete each pattern stitch. Some pattern stitches might require only 2 chains to complete each stitch, where others might need 20 chains. The starstitch only requires 2 chains to complete a stitch, where a ripple pattern stitch may need 15 or 20 chains depending on the ripple pattern you choose. The +plus amounts are used once with the first pattern stitch. For example: You will need to chain 4 to complete 1 double crochet. The multiple for a double crochet will be 1+3. Lets say you want 20 double crochet in your project. You will need to chain 19 + 3. It will take a chain of 22 to complete 20 double crochet. Remember, the beginning chain 3 counts as a double crochet. Each multiple gives you the unique information to create a project as large or as small as you want to make your project.

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