Crochet Decreasing

I have put together three links to video tutorials that focus on decreasing. Decreasing is like abbreviating a word, only we are abbreviating a stitch to get to the next point in our project. Decreasing can be reducing part of a stitch or leaving it out all together.

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -

Crochet Baby Booty Toe Decrease - Slow Motion

Crochet Shell Decrease

Crochet - Double Crochet Increase - Decrease

Decreasing is common in shaping with apparel and the valley's for a ripple afghan.

The images below (Crochet Triangle) demonstrate decreasing by eliminating a stitch and joining a stitch. Each time I turn, I skip the first single crochet and continue to crochet in each stitch across. When I get to the end of the row, I join two single crochet together, eliminating a single crochet. This is just turning 2 single crochet, in to 1 single crochet.

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