Crochet Count - Exact or Not Exact - Crochet Tip 11

Sometimes it is necessary to be exact in crochet count. Other times being off a stitch or two will not matter. I can remember being caught up in numbers so much that I spent hour after hour, ripping my work out trying to get the exact number. As we have discussed previously it could be an error in the written pattern so that is always something to keep in the back of your mind.

You will want an exact count when you are making the following projects.
  • Afghan -You want the width and length to be as even as possible with your afghan. A ripple afghan relies heavily on exact count or you may wind up with steep peeks, mixed in with waves and bumps. 
  • Sweater-  You especially want your sweater to fit after you have spent days shaping and crocheting your garment.  
  • Doily - Most doily's are very intricate and detailed.  It is easy to get off track with a doily so attention and count is very iportant here. 
I have been off with count on everything that I mentioned.  Sometimes I have had to rip out lots of rows.  Other times I was able to recover by adding in an extra stitch.  Some projects require paying very close attention to the count and detail.

There are times that it may not be necessary to have an exact count.  
  • When you are making a hat all in the same color and in a continual round.  I have found myself off on occasion to be off by 2 or 3 stitches.  You can add an extra stitch or just continue on if the cap is fitting correctly. It is not going to make a big difference in the outcome and will not be noticed.
  • If you are making an amigurumi shape and happen to be off a few stitch numbers.
  • Working in rounds.  You can easliy add in an extra stitch if you feel it is necessary.
I can remember making oval eyes for a stuffed toy.  My shapes were off by 2 stitches.  I would make another shape, driving myself nuts, trying to get them exact.  I won't do that anymore because it won't even be noticed.  When ever you can, save yourself some frustration. Exact count may not be so important.


  1. Thanks for these tips. they are so helpful.

  2. Harold, Thank you for the feedback. It helps me to know that my tips are useful.


  3. I can't leave a comment on my own blog because I typed the security word in wrong. I am not sure what is going to happen when I get older and can't read those goofy characters.

  4. I Am a Braziliian woman tha discoreved your blog and videos. I don´t write english but I need express my thank for you. I love crochet and I want learn afghang crochet and you teach me. Thanks for all. Blue kisses for you
    Maria Antonia

  5. Mary,
    Thank you for commenting. Your English is great. I appreciate the feedback.


  6. You are teaching me to crochet! I just learned Sunday through watching how-to videos like yours! The afghan stitch video was very informative, and now I need to go out and get a bigger hook!

    A group of of girls (women, I guess, my age!) from my church, are going to start getting together a couple times a month to crochet winter articles for some low income families we are ministering to!

    Though I have NO idea why it took me this long to decide to learn crochet - it's SO addicting!!!

    Thanks again for your videos! I'm definitely a VISUAL learner. Written instructions leave me totally confused.

  7. I'm facing these problems now as I am crocheting a baby blanket. I don't know if it's the tension or miscalculation of the stitches but the blanket is lopsided. Amigurumis are easier since mistakes in counting stitches are forgivable. Doilies only get difficult when they are large. Thanks again for the tips Teresa. I think I'll rip off the baby blanket and start over.

  8. taralynn819, it is not necessary to purchase a larger hook. I only used that hook for the purposes of the demonstration. It is not even a correct afghan hook. In addition to teaching the stitches, I try to show inexpensive ways to use materials you may already have around the house to improvise.

  9. You are welcome Paul. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  10. can you find me a very simple hat to make. I am 72,handicapped and learning to crochet

  11. i learnt crochet from you even the ABC's of the crochet i learnt it from are a very good teacher.your method of teaching is easy to understand even novice like myself can make advance projects with help of a teacher like you.
    i have one problem,when i make a handbag or iphone pouch ,one side is ok but the other is kind of tilting to outside i mean i dont knoe how to end the row with a slip stitch and in what what stitch start the new one?


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