Crochet Broomstick Lace

Crochet Broomstick Lace

Video Tutorial: Crochet Broomstick Lace

You will need a large knitting needle or PVC pipe to to loop your stitches over. You can choose any size crochet hook or yarn. I used a size "I" hook and some scrap 4-ply worsted weight in my example.

I have taken the original broomstick video down to revise it a little bit. I started off showing how to do the stitch alone. I did not include how I hold the knitting needle or pipe. I do all the crocheting and video recording myself so certain angles are difficult. After some thought, I was able to incorporate how I achieve the final broomstick lace in an easier method than the original tutorial portrayed.

Ch 16

Row 1: Knitting needle row. Turn the chain and loop the first chain over the knitting needle. Put your hook through the next chain and pull the loop through the chain and over the knitting needle. Continue across until you have 16 loops on your knitting needle. Turn.

Row 2: Pull 4 loops off of your knitting needle. Put your crochet hook through the 4 loops pulling the yarn through, chain 1, then do 4 single crochet through the 4 loops. pull 4 more loops from the knitting needle, do 4 more single crochet. Turn. Continue across your row. (you can do 3 loops or 5 loops. I just used 4 in this example)

Row 3:
Knitting needle row. Pull up the first loop and put it over the knitting needle. Pull the yarn through the back loop only of the single crochet, then loop over the knitting needle. Continue across until you have 16 loops on your knitting needle.

You will continue with row 2 and 3 until you complete the length of your project.

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  1. I loved this stitch teresa...have never heard of it before thanks for sharing such a lovely video and info..Seema

  2. I think I have finished 4-6 hats within the past week since learning how to do it! I am getting the hang of making them larger or smaller and staying focused while I count at the start (started over several times due to losing count). Next up..I will attempt ear flaps! I did post a pic of my very first hat on my blog...feel free to check it out!

    1. Hi... I'm trying a cap pattern with broomstick stich on it and it's circular. First, I didn't know what 'broomstick stich' was, until I found Teresa's tutorial video on Youtube (THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, TERESA), secondly, I've no idea how to do it with circular hat. Can you tell me your trick?

      Dina from Indonesia

  3. Teresa, is there a way to crochet a beanie hat with a zig zag type stitch? Either at the end (as the edging) or the entire hat in zig zag? Also, if I wanted to do a beanie with a half double or double stitch would I just start that stitch after my circle (50-60sc) is done? I like the single stitch for hats because it seems like they'll be warmer since they are "tighter" but I was wondering how to change it up...we should be paying you for this info huh?Thanks

  4. Sarah, I think that a ripple type of a beanie could be done but I have not experimented past 11 rows or so.

    For the second question, you make the whole beanie out of a double crochet or half-double crochet. If you look at the crochet cloche hat, it is all done in half-double crochet and similar to the beanie. I agree with you, I like the smaller stitches for making caps.

    People have to pay for to many things. One thing you can count on is when you visit my crochet blog and youtube channel, you will get everything I write and produce for free.

  5. Hai Teresa
    very very thanks for broomstick lace tutorial .Its easy and attactive at the same time.It can be completed in less time so i can attempt now .because of my freelance design work iam not getting more time .god bless you to help us like this more .once more thank you
    from INDIA

  6. Hi Teresa...I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your crochet videos...I have been crocheting 40+ years so I know how well you teach..
    Would you please tell me how many chains to use for a crib size broomstick lace afghan?

    Thanks, Hugs and God Bless,


  7. Hi Teresa,
    I LOVE and learn so much from your videos on you tube.
    I am a crocheter for 40+ years and have won blue ribbons for some of my pieces..afghans, doilys etc..
    Having said that ..I have only practiced broomstick lace...
    How many chains would you say to cast on for a baby crib afghan?
    Thanks, hugs and God Bless,

  8. Camilla, I would estimate a chain of 160. Since the multiple is 4, you would reduce by four if the chain is to long.

  9. Hi Teresa!

    your video is the most clear and understandable tutorial on the broomstick lace that I've seen thus far! Thank you!

    One question though, If I wanted to add trim to this how would I go about that? The top and bottom are easy enough since they still have the single crochets, but the sides???

    Thanks so much!


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