Crochet Hooks - New vs Old- Recycling - Crochet Tip 14

I started out with the blue Boye "I" hook you will see in a lot of tutorials. It is marked $.55 cents. That was the hook I used for yarn projects. My other hook was a steel size "7" for thread. Those were the only two hooks I had for a long time. I think I was supposed to give my steel size "7" hook back to my former mother-in-law after she bought it for me. OOoooppppssss........... I must give credit where credit is due, she did help me learn a lot of crochet stitches.

I have found that I prefer Boye hooks because of the rounded hook on the end. Susan Bates has a flatter hook that kept hanging up in my yarn. I have seen some interesting hooks lately from ligh
t up hooks to clay grips. I am thinking about experimenting with the clay grip.

$7.60 $11.05

It does not have to cost a lot to get started to crochet. This image is a good example of that. Both sets are recent purchases that I have made from E-bay. The first purchase was the lot of 54 hooks on the right. My winning bid was $11.05 for hooks. The next winning bid was 35 hooks on the left for $7.60. You may pay a couple dollars for 1 new hook up to $6.50 for 5 or 6 new hooks. Crochet hooks last a long time so if you can get a good deal like the two I got, you will save yourself a lot of money. Once you get your hooks, you can gently wash them with hot soapy water, dry them off thoroughly and they will be as good as new. If E-bay is not your cup of tea, you can try yard sales or estate sales. Keep in mind that old saying, "One person's junk is another person's treasure."

You never know what else you might find in your hooks. One of the wooden hooks has Boye stamped on the end of it. I have never seen a wooden hook for sale ever. The two steel hooks look really old. It would be interesting to know who made the two steel hooks and approximately how old both sets of hooks are.

For anyone with extra hooks, don't throw them away. You can sell them on E-bay, donate them to a local women's shelter, girl scout troop, community center or as a last resort, send them to me. I know I can find a good home for them.


  1. Wow you've got a lot!

    I like to crochet using wooden and bamboo hooks. I've only got a few of them, bought for me when my craft group members go over to Singapore (I'm from Malaysia and it's cheaper there). Somehow the wooden/bamboo hooks feels 'right' in my hands.

    But I'm planning on getting those coloured ones I see you use in your tutorials. It won't hurt to collect a few more. :P

  2. Paul, It is nice to have a variety of sizes. I sure didn't start out with many. My first two hooks were a size "I" for yarn and "7" for thread. I just added hooks over the years and had a few given to me by former frustrated crocheters.

  3. Craigslist is another great place to find craft supplies. I recently got a large group of knitting needles and crochet hooks for free, along with a stack of knitting/crochet magazines and books. You can't beat that deal:)

  4. Teresa,
    The wooden Boye hooks and the 2 steel are older than my age. I have never seen a wooden Boye hook before, I've been crocheting since I was 6 and now I'm almost 51. The steels are mark with a 12 and the smaller is probably a 14(it doesn't mean that the are an American size 12 or 14). They are most likely European. I have a Tulip steel(which I know is European) marked 6 but the mm is stated also and it is 1mm. Our size 6 is 1.8mm, big difference.
    Also a Teresa

  5. Teresa,
    Thank you for the information. The small ones do have a very tiny hook on the end but they look well used and worn. My old eyes have a hard time seeing them without glasses on.

  6. I got my first hook from my great grandmother. It was a size K, I have a J floating around somewhere. When I decided to pick up crochet again. Your tutorials were very helpful. I asked on in my area, if anyone had crochet hooks they weren't using anymore. I got lucky and a woman close by had like 6 all ranging in sizes from K down to D with only one duplicate. So asking around on free sites can help as well.



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