Crochet Star Stitch Hat Cap

Crochet Star Stitch Hat

StarStitch Video Tutorial

Crochet Abbreviations:

CH = Chain
HDC = Half=Double Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch
LP= Loop
BEG = Beginning
INC = Increase
EA = Each

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -

Video Tutorial: Crochet Star Stitch Hat
Size "I" Crochet Hook

4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn - I used Red Heart for this tutorial. There are many types of yarn brands that will work with this pattern.

Cap can be created in stripes or a solid color.

NOTE*: All half double crochet stitches will be done in the center joining loop of the stitch in the previous row.

Chain 5, join.

Round 1: Ch 1, 20 HDC in LP, join.

Round 2: CH 3, 10 Star Stitches, join in beg ch 3. (10 StarStitches total)

Round 3:SL ST to the center joining loop of the first stitch in the previous row ,CH 1, 4 HDC in same joining space, 4 HDC in each joining space around. 10 increases (40 Half Double Crochet total)

Round 4: Attach new color. CH 3, 20 StarStitches around, join in beg ch 3. SL ST over to the joining loop of the first starstitch. (20 Starstitches total)

Round 5:SL ST to the center joining loop of the first stitch in the previous row, CH 1, 2 HDC, *4 HDC, 2 HDC, Repeat around from *. (60 Half Double
Crochet total )

Round 6: Attach new color. CH 3, 30 StarStitches around, join in beg CH 3. (30 StarStitches total)

Round 7: SL ST to the center joining loop of the first stitch in the previous row, CH 1, 2 HDC in ea of the next 4 joining loops, *4 HDC in the next for an increase, 2 HDC in ea of the next 4 joining loops. Repeat around from *. There will be a total of 6 increases for this round. (72 Half Double Crochet total)

Round 8: Attach new color. CH 3, continue on around for 36 starstitches. (36 StarStitches total)

Round 9: SL ST to the center joining loop of the first stitch in the previous row. CH 1, HDC, * 2 HDC in ea joining loop around. Repeat around from *. Join in beg st. (72 Half Double Crochet total)

Round 10-19: Repeat rounds 8 and 9.


  1. I like your cap design very much, Teresa. Is it crocheted with knitting worsted weight yarn? What size hook did you use?

  2. Sabine, it is all posted with the instructions.

  3. THANK YOU TERESA! As a visual learner who was stuck on square projects, I am SO happy to finally be able to crochet those cute little beanie hats I love so much! Did my first one in about 3 hours today! I'll post a pic later and I hope you don't mind, I subscribed to your blog :) The next one I do will hopefully include the brim! You are such a great teacher, you have no idea what this means for curing my boredom some days..not to mention how much I will save at Christmas because EVERYONE is getting a hat!LOL. Thanks again, feel free to check my blog out and a picture of my very first hat...coming Wed. of Thurs.

  4. You are welcome, Sarah. I look forward to seeing your hat.

  5. can the snowflake stitch be used for this instead of the star stitch?

  6. Hi, I learned a lot with your videos,thanks for share with us!

  7. Looks like an amazing hat..can't wait to make it. Was wondering if I could use hats made using this pattern of yours for charity fundraising.

  8. Kshitij, You are more than welcome to use the hat for charity fund raising. Thank you for asking. You can share the link to this pattern, my crochet blog and the video tutorials with people who are interested in learning crochet.

  9. thank u so much! truely appreciate it...

  10. Fantastic patteren. I will be making this for a friend that has Cancer. She will definitely needs this and more.

  11. The directions for the star stitch don't seem to be included in the pattern. I don't download videos; is there a text version anywhere? Gorgeous hat!

  12. Heather Wardell, You don't have to download the video. It is just a link to the tutorial on youtube. I don't have any other written instructions other than what is on my crochet blog.

  13. Thanks, Teresa. I guess I was expecting to see the instructions for creating a star stitch as part of the pattern, as usually seems to happen when a designer has an unusual stitch included.

  14. I'm not sure why but every time I try and create a hat using your pattern to a T I always end up with a way smaller hat than what you have. I make sure to use the same size hook and I try to keep my tension even; so is there anything else that could be causing that? Could it be my tension?

    I always have to use one hook size higher than the one you use in the tutorial in order for it to come out looking right/normal to me.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful videos and thanks in advance for your response.

  15. Zola Rayne,
    You may crochet tighter than I do. That is normal for some people to crochet tighter and some to crochet looser. It could be the crochet hooks not that you have to use the ones I use. I use Boye for yarn. I know that there is not a set standard for crochet so some other brands could be a little different.

  16. Hi Teresa, how much would be the circumference of your hat? I want to make one with your pattern for my newborn.

  17. Anupam,
    This is for a 21-24 inch head. I do have a video and instructions for a toddler cap. I am including the link.

    Toddler Star Stitch Cap

  18. Thanks, Teresa for the instructions to the star stitch cap. I had seen this stitch before but thought it would be the hardest thing for me. But between Youtube and your written instructions it was a breeze!!!!

  19. Thank you Teresa! I'm hooked on crocheting ! You are the best!

  20. Teresa,
    Just wanted to let you know that I finished this hat last night! It looks great ! Thanks again!

    Do you have any tutorial video on crocheting a shawl?


  21. Michelle,
    You are welcome. I am working on some shawl ideas but I don't have any posted at this time.

  22. Teresa,

    I am following your video right now, just beginning to make this cap. I have having trouble on the first round of star stitches. I understand the concept of how to do the star stitch, my problem lies with doing ten of them. I finish five of them and they want to cave in where I see yours is still flat. I have tried re-doing the entire thing from the beginning, thinking that my chains were too tight to begin with, but nothing seems to be helping and I get to the same spot every time. I think I am now just playing around for it and waiting for me "ah-ha" moment. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you so much. I love your videos by the way.

    P.S. I am using a K crochet needle if that means anything?

  23. Stacey,
    You should be able to use a K size crochet hook with no problems. You may be right that you could be making them to tight. I would suggest doing them looser. I will even pull up on the hook making the loops vertical so they are even with the first loop. I am sure you will get it figured out soon.

  24. Hello Teresa!

    Thank you for this great pattern! Ik have already made several Star Stitch Caps (last year I made two for mij two girls: one in fuchsia and one in blue, and they love it!) But I was wondering making the next one for myself if the pattern is correct in this line:
    "Round 9: SL ST to the center joining loop of the first stitch in the previous row. CH 1, HDC, * 2 HDC in ea joining loop around. Repeat around from *. Join in beg st. (72 Half Double Crochet total)
    It says to do 'ch1, hdc..' but shouldn't it be 'ch1, 2hdc...'? I did this with the girls' two caps and I'm still confused now I am making another one now if this is right, or whether I'm reading this pattern wrong and it should be indead 1hdc and then everytime 2hdc.
    Thank you for your reaction and also for all the great tutorals you make! I'v learned a lot from you!

  25. I made these hat in pink/black in adult size and toddler size. Sent them to my cousin and her granddaughter. They loved them. Thanks for the free pattern.
    Photos of hat are posted on my blog.

  26. for what size is the pattern? i would like to make it for a 1 year old boy.

  27. Hi Teresa, I am on round 5 and I am stuck on a part of the instructions.

    " ...CH 1, 2 HDC, *4 HDC, 2 HDC, Repeat around from *."

    Are the HDC's suppose to be in the joining spaces of the star stitches or just in every stitch? It isn't clear to me, but in all of the other rounds where you do HDC it is in the joining spaces. Just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks for your help! Can't wait to finish the cap.

  28. hi teresa ! sorry for i distrurb you ! i need your help please ! i want to make this beret me but i dont know how to do .can you help me please? thanks ! look and here it is the pattern of beret : i dont understand nothing from this cart ! can you help me please coz i dont have a winter hat. tanks!

  29. Made this in teal and black for my boyfriend and he loves it! It only took me a couple hours. Thanks I love the star stitch :)

  30. Teresa,

    I love the star stitch, such a unique stitch!

    I have a question for you please: I would like to create a toddler hat creating rows of double crochets and star stitches. I would like to begin the hat with the doubles (7 rows, 60 stitches), have a couple of rows of star stitches and then end with a brim of singles (4 rows). My problem is transitioning from the star stitches to the singles - I end up with an extra stitch (do i just skip???). The hat I made is cute as can be, it's just loose (I am email you a pic if you need).

    I am self taught, or should I say "Teresa taught", it's hard when I get stumped and you're not here to guide me!!!

    Thank you for your videos, they are great!

  31. Teresa,
    I've been following you for over a year and I just want to thank you for all you tutorials. You are one great instructer. I am left handed and it's easier to follow the tutorial for some patterns. I made the red angry bird hat. It was easier watching you rather then reading the pattern. Thanks again
    Carmen Johnson (Marinette, Wi)

    1. Thank you Carmen. It is wonderful to hear about your success.


  32. I was wondering if you have the star stitch instructions written out? I have trouble visualizing how to do things, but i can learn the stitches quickly if written out.
    Thanks for the pattern for the lovely hat pattern.

  33. This pattern looks easy, however, I am not sure what stitch you are starting the stitch in. I would suggest that you use a better colour of yarn which will help people see where you begin. It appears that you are using perhaps a dark green..which is not a good colour to use as a teaching lesson. Also I would also say....I am starting the star stitch in this would help newbies understand how to start the project. Sorry to be critical but it will help you continue to be successful with people watching your projects onling.


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