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Click on Image for larger view. You will be able to see a different between the two.

There are two techniques that can be done when creating a crochet circle.

Each time you do a round, you do a slip stitch, then the chain 1 for the step up to the next round. If you are doing a spiral/continual you will not be be joining.

Here are two simple ways to remember the difference between round and spiral.
1: Round - Slip Stitch to join at the beginning of each round.

2: Spiral or Continual - No Slip Stitch

When doing a spiral/continual a marker is recommended to mark the beginning row of a spiral. I just use a scrap piece of yarn. You don't have to purchase anything fancy. Another thing that happens is that the marker will shift to the right as the beginning stitch will shift to the left.

When you are creating a doily or motif, most likely you will be working in rounds. For hats, caps, amigurumi shapes, rugs, or afghans that are continual with the same stitch, I prefer a continual round. It leaves no seam and that is what I like about the spiral. When you have a choice, the choice is up to you which technique you will be using.  

Here is a video making a crochet hat worked with the continual round.


Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -


  1. how do you finish off a spiral? Thanks!

  2. Kate,
    You skip a stitch, then slip stitch in the next stitch. This will even the round off. Cut the yarn and pull through the stitch.

  3. If an amigurumi pattern requires that I join rounds, but I would prefer not to have the seam, would it impact the final design to use the spiral?

  4. Brittany,
    It should not impact the outcome. When you are increasing, make sure you change your first stitch marker. If you leave it for several rounds, it is not going to match the first stitch any longer and should not be used as a gauge to the beginning of your round or first stitch.

  5. Hi Teresa;

    I am working on a pattern that has a spiral round working in the back loops only. How do I finish it off without making the back loop "seams" uneven at the end of the project?



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