Crochet Chain Loops- Where Do I Put My Hook? - Crochet Tip 8

When making a beginning circle loop, many of us have probably asked ourselves, Where do we put our Hook, in & through the chains or around the chains? Both ways are correct. Method 1 is when you crochet through each individual chain. This will give you an even distribution and will limit stitch movement. Method 2 is over and around the chain loop, which will give you an uneven distribution. You will be able to evenly distribute your stitches when you are finished with your first round. I prefer method 2 in how the stitches look over the chain loop. Method 2 is what I use most of the time.

The image below shows two circles, each with a chain 8 and 16 Double Crochet. The circle to the left shows how the chain will look with a 2 double in each chain. The circle to the right shows how the project will look by crocheting over and around the chain.
Click on the image for a larger view.

When doing a motif or granny square ,we may come across a chain at some point in the motif. The decision is still up to you on crocheting through the chains or around the chains. Both are correct. The final look of your project is up to you.


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