Wacky Crochet Hat

Wacky Crochet Hat

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Wacky Hat Part 1 , Wacky Hat Part 2
1 Circle - 1 Rounds
2- 3-Sided Open Motif
2-3-Sided Solid Motif
8 Circles 2 Rounds
With a contrasting color, Single Crochet around the smallest top circle, evenly attaching the 4, 3-sided motifs. Evenly single crochet together the sides of each 3-sided motif. Single crochet 2 circles to the bottom of each 3-sided motif and on around each circle.


  1. for a girl of two years,
    How big need to be the triangule???
    and the circles???

    Is really really really great the hat!!!!!

  2. Selene,
    The pattern would need to be revised for a child. I would suggest less rows on each motif for a child.

  3. Pleaaase, i need a pattern to make gloves for an adult, i'd thank it to you very much.

  4. Laurilla,
    I am working on some mittens.

  5. Lisa (lhealey0@naz.edu)January 6, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    I tried to make the triangles and they turned into circles >_< do you have any tips on how to do the triangle pieces?

  6. Lisa,
    The symbol chart diagram is a very good source on where to place your stitches.

  7. Teresa, Another great pattern you have come up with!! I just cannot believe your talent is awesome!!
    Thanks Joni :-)

  8. JoniCrochetCreations,
    Thank you Joni, I appreciate the comment. I hope you are doing well.

  9. Why 8 circles and not 8 hexagons?

  10. Not the triagles is about. Why you used circles and not hexagons? It sees more easy to join together with the triangle then a circle. My opinion...


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