Ripple Crochet - Variation 3

Ripple Crochet Variation 3

Created by Teresa Richardson

Size I Crochet Hook used in the Video Tutorial

Chain of 51 for the swatch used in the tutorial.

Multiple: 24 + 3

Row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook, **CH 1, *SK 1 CH, DC in next CH, CH 1, Repeat from * 4 times, SK 1, CH1 , (DC, CH 3, DC in same CH), *CH 1, SK 1 CH, DC in next CH, Repeat from * 4 times, CH 1, SK 1 CH, (See Diagram)First part of DC DEC in next CH, SK 3 CH, Second part of DC DEC in 4th CH. Continue from ** for next ripple section. Edge decrease is worked over 3 chains.

Row 2: Counts as edge decrease, CH 3, SK CH & DC in next DC, *DC in CH 1 SP and DC for a total of 8, 2 DC, CH 3, 2 DC in Ch 3 SP. 8 DC in DC and CH 1 SP. DC DEC, Skipping CH 1's and previous DC DEC. Repeat from *. Edge- DC DEC -See diagram.

Row 3:


  1. Oh thanks so much for all the GREAT TUTORAIL'S you are amazing woman i been working on the filet butter flys and a dress in crochet. aboluyely love your work thanks again

  2. Thank you rollerbug48. Do a video response of some of your work once you complete it.


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