Crochet Christmas Wreath

Crochet Wreath

Video Tutorial: Crochet Christmas Wreath

Green Yarn
With green yarn Chain 35.

3 SC in each chain across. It will start to twist and be very uneven.

Straighten the section out so the twist is turning one way. Run a pipe cleaner through the center of the wreath. Secure the ends of the pipe cleaner. Twist the yarn section in the direction to tighten the yarn on the pipecleaner. This will grab the fibers of the pipecleaner and tighten it up nice and neat. Sew the yarn ends of the twist so the wreath will not come apart. Sew in all the tails. You can hotglue or dab craft glue to the pipecleaner and yarn so it will stay in place and not come apart. You can add a french knot embellishment for berries on the wreath. I have found that fishing line or clear craft line will work very well for an invisible hanger.


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