Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

It takes two rows to complete the star stitch.
Size I crochet hook

Chain 13

Red Yarn
Round 1: CH 1, 12 SC on ea side for a total of 24, join.

Round 2: First Part of Start Stitch: CH 3, 13 Star Stitch. Join in Beginning.

Round 3:SL ST in to the center of the previous stitches. CH 2, HDC in same space. 2 HDC in each joining space around. Join. (26 HDC)

Round 4: Repeat round 2.

Round 5: Repeat round 4 skipping 4 star stitches at the toe. Continue around, join (18 HDC) This is a good place to turn it inside out to sew the toe shut. Evenly sew across the top of the toe. Knot and tie in tails. Turn it right side out when finished.

Round 6-9: Repeat rounds 3 & 4 two time. This will be two more complete star stitch rows. (9 star stitches in all) Calf of stocking.

Round 10: With white yarn, SC around, join.

Round 11: Ch 1, SC, Long HDC Spike down 2 or 3 rows. Continue around with random stitches. Join, cut yarn and sew in tails.

I recommend a clear craft line or good old clear fishing line will work too so you can hang your completed project.


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