What I do with Extra Crochet Foundation Chains at the end of my Afghan?

What do you do when you have extra chains at the end of your crochet work?  Do you rip out and start over or improvise?  Share your ideas and tips.

You have all probably experienced a time where you made your chain and thought it was exact. 

Then you discover that you have a lot of extra chains at the end. Maybe you decided that the foundation was to long so you took out some of the stitches. Sometimes multiples can be confusing so you may wind up with extra chains. What ever the reason, you don't have to rip it all out and start over. I know from experience that making a 300+ chain can take a long time and my count may not be accurate due to distractions and we all have them. There are three tips that I have found to work very well for me over the years. I am also including the link to the video tutorial posted on Youtube.

1. Sew in the whole chain. If you have stitches large enough, you can weave the extra chain in-between your stitches.

2. Pull the chain loops out until you have a tail, knot it well and sew the tail in your project.

3. Cut the chain, then pull the chain loops apart until you have a tail. You can resort to this if you have a long chain or if your beginning chain is pulled to tight to pull apart.


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