Hook and Stitch Placement

Hook and Stitch Placement

Stitch Placement Video Tutorial: Stitch & Hook Placement Close Up Details

The hook and stitch placement will be the same for thread as it is with the yarn. The loops you choose to place your hook through are all in how you want to do the stitch. Patterns are only a guide. There are two loops at the top of each stitch, no matter what stitch you are doing. Some people call them V's.

You can see in this image the V shape made at the top of each stitch. The image also shows the hook going through both loops at the top of the stitch.

You can go through the front, back or both loops.

You will find patterns that want you to go through the back loop only or the front loop only. I like going through both because I feel it will make my lace more secure. It is also effects the texture by going through both. If I go through the back only, there will be a ridge line on the front of my project. This is a choice that you will make when creating your project.


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