Loopy Flower Crochet

Loopy Flower

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Crochet Video Tutorial: Loopy Flower

Size G crochet Hook

Chain 6, join

Round 1: CH 1, 16 SC in loop, join

Round 2: CH 3, 3 DC in same SP, CH 3, SL ST in same SP. SL ST over next 2 spaces. Continue around for 8 petals.

Round 3: CH 1, SC in same SP, CH 5, SK 2 Petals, SC in next SC; Continue around.
SL ST in BEG SC. (4 - CH 5 Loops)

Round 4: CH 4, 5 TC in loop, CH 4, SL ST in loop, repeat twice in each loop. SL ST to next loop. (8 Petals)


  1. Tereza, muito obrigada pela tua disponibilidade! voce tem me ajudado muito tenho aprendido tudo atravez das tuas aulas e da Elaine! que o Senhor te possa abençoar!

  2. this was wonderful- i followed it on youtube- because I just learned and didn't actually know the names of the stitches by using the pause button and rewind ALOT--- i was able to make a flower! thanks


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