Crochet Cell Phone Case

Crochet Cell Phone Case

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:
Crochet Cell Phone Case- Part One

Video Tutorial: Crochet Cell Phone Case - Part Two

G Crochet Hook
Yarn 4-Ply worsted weight

Multiple: 2 + 3

Chain 15

Round 1: SC in each ch across (14 SC), on the opposite side sc in
ea ch.join at the beginning. (14 SC). There will be a total of 28
single crochet when finished.

Round 2: Star Bottom: Chain 3, pull up a loop 3 times through the
next 3 chains and in ea of the next 2 SC for this first round. (HDC
for remaining rounds). There will be a total of 6 loops on the
hook. Pull through all 6 loops on the hook with a sl st. Make 15
bottom sections of the star stitch, join in the beginning ch 3.

Round 3: Star Top: Sl St over to the closing joining the previous
6. CH 2, HDC in same sp. 2 HDC in ea joining space around. (15
sets of 2 HDC)

Rows 2 & 3 complete a full star stitch. Complete both row until you
get your pouch the length you want it to be.


  1. can you please post the instructions of the flap ? ty :)

  2. When I made this the star pattern was on the inside of my pouch.. when I flipped it inside out I made the flap and now the pouch is right and the flap is inside out. I'm not sure wat happened ..

  3. I think you make it in all one piece and stitch up the sides....then it is all the same direction.

  4. I love this pattern, very easy to follow, I have made a couple of purses from it, it works very well.

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