Join As You Go Motifs

Join as you go crochet is nothing more than a crochet shape that is attached to another shape by aligning it to the previous square. They are just slip stitched together to the stitches on the opposite square. I like to think of it as crocheting a kaleidoscope. Join as you go can be circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons to name a few. My favorite is working with thread. The motifs can be yarn or thread to create afghans, tablecloths or even sweaters and pullovers. You can create yarn projects out of thread instructions or thread projects out of yarn instructions. I have done both and had great results. My advice is to crochet a shape or two of your project first, to see how they lay together and if you are going to like it, when you are using a medium other than what the pattern recommends.

Video Tutorial: Join As You Go - Thread Examples

Click on each square to see a large version.

These are projects that I have created. The image to the right is a project I am currently working on. The images are highlighted with arrows to show where they squares are joined to the other squares. The examples to the left and center illustrate a simple joining through a chain. The right is an illustration of joining through a slip stitch after each double crochet is created. It is joined again at the center.

This is a circle variation of join as you go. There are several size motifs created to get the end result.


  1. These motifs just look beautiful....thanks for sharing !!!


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