Beanie Bag - Handbag Purse

Beanie Bag

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Size I Crochet Hook

4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn

SHELL = 5 DC with CH 1 between each DC

Complete the Beanie Cap Pattern.
Written Instructions:

Video Tutorials:
Crochet Beanie Hat Cap- Part 1
Crochet Beanie Hat Cap- Part 2

DRAWSTRING ROW:In any single crochet, attach the yarn with a SL ST. CH 4, *SK one SC and DC in the next, CH 1.* Repeat around from * to *. SL ST in third CH of beg CH. Make sure you have an even number of stitches in this row if you are doing a pattern stitch that requires an even number. The drawstring row is where you will make the necessary adjustment to get the correct amount of stitches for the edging. You can add a stitches right next to each other if that is what it takes to get an even number. It will not throw the pattern off by adding an additional stitch or two in the drawstring row.

EDGING:CH 1, SC in same DC, Shell in next DC, SK CH 1 SP, *SC in next DC, SK CH 1 SP, Shell in next DC,SK CH 1 SP,* repeat from * to * to the beg. SL ST in beg SC.

DRAWSTRING: With two strands of yarn, CH 80. Cut off a long tail. Do not sew together yet.

Weave the drawstring through the drawstring row. Once the drawstring is adjusted how you like it, Slip Stitch the two ends together. Tie a very secure knot and the sew in the tails.

Video Tutorial - Beanie Bag - Handbag Purse


  1. thank you for your blog - brill

  2. I love your work,your very talented and creative.I was wondering what pattern did you use for the hat that you did all the embroidery on in one of your other videos?Will you post the pattern? Or have you already? Theres just something about when you put the embroidery on it that makes it sing.I just love everything you make! Please keep creating And thankyou for sharing.

  3. Gerie,
    I believe that cap you are talking about is a crochet cloche. I follow the pattern I created for the cloche and then just embroidery and/or crochet applique to the hat.


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