Crochet Round Pouch

Crochet Round Pouch

Video Tutorial: Crochet Round Pouch

Crochet Abbreviations
SC = Single Crochet
INC = Increase
SL ST = Slip Stitch
SP = Space
Beg = Beginning
St = Stitch
St's = Stitches
CH = Chain

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Size I Crochet Hook

Ch 3, join or magic circle

Round 1: 6 SC in loop, do not join.

Round 2: 2 SC in ea SC around ( 12 Single Crochet) Mark the first single crochet with a contrasting color marker.

Round 3: 2 SC in ea SC around ( 24 Single Crochet

Round 4: SC in ea ST around.(24 Single Crochet

Round 5:2 SC in the same ST, 1 SC in the next ST.Continue around to beg. marker. (36 Single Crochet total)

Round 6-17: SC around to desired length of pouch.

Once you get your length, even the row out by skipping one SC and
sl st in the next.

Tie Row:Ch 1, SC in same ST. *CH 1, SK 1 SC, SC in next SC* continue
around from * to * to beginning, SL ST in beginning SC.

Edging: SL ST in to CH 1 SP. CH 1, 2 SC in ea sp around.
Edging Round 2: CH 1, SC in ea SC around.

Chain 50 with double strands of yarn for the tie.
Weave the tie between the tie row, with every other single crochet.


  1. In the end you wrote down:
    "Edging: SL ST in to CH 1 SP. CH 1, 2 SC in ea sp around for two rows."

    In the youtube-movie you are not showing this exactly.
    Can you tell me how tot finish the purse in this way?
    Do you actually do "2 SC in ea SP around" so you get 4 SC in 1 SC? Or is this a typing error?

    Every time I make a purse like this (I've made several already) my purse is seeming to be different tot the one before, but when I'm finished, I still have the same one and I don't remember how I did it...
    Please help me!



  2. Marrianne,
    Yes, the second row edging was a typo. Thank you very much for pointing it out to me. I have corrected it to read 1 single crochet in each single crochet around.

  3. Marrianne,
    I apologize about that. Hopefully it will make sense now.

  4. Thanksssss for the pattern & tutorial, I just finished mine ! This is my 4th proper crochet project! Thanks Teresa, Thank you so much !

  5. skhan,
    You are welcome. :) Great job on the pouch. It is a pretty color.

  6. Wow this pattern is brilliant like the other I have seen from you. Well I had a go with DK wool and I made this here

    Thanks for sharing.

    Luv Jane XX


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